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Best Camping Cot For Bad Back


If you are suffering from back pain, then sleeping in an uncomfortable environment might not be a good idea. But that shouldn't stop your inner adventurer from hitting the wilderness.

For that, you need to take care of yourself even if you are in the midst of nowhere. And for that, you need a camping cot. But, there are thousands of options to pick from.

Which one should you grab for yourself?

Don't worry, In this article we will be talking about the best camping cots for bad back. But before that, let's talk about camping cots vs air mattresses.

If you are in a hurry, we would recommend you the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot because it has a lightweight structure weighing only 22 pounds.

This camping cot can easily support 280 pounds and offers support and comfort comparable to your bed. Besides being very easy to set up, it has an easy-to-fold design that can be easily packed into the back of your car. 

Camping Cots vs Air Mattresses

A camping cot refers to a lightweight, small and portable bed when the option of regular beds isn't available. They are generally made from steel or wooden frame with fabric made out of polyester, linen, or cotton canvas.

On the other hand, air mattresses or airbeds are mostly made of PVC and can be deflated and folded back into a smaller shape for easy storage.

If we talk about all-weather protection and off-ground sleeping, a camping cot is a better alternative than an air mattress.

A camping cot provides underneath storage space and provides a place to sit up and get ready. Unlike air mattresses, camping cots don't occupy so much space and they don't need to be inflated before use.

An air mattress is more prone to damage because of the material used in its making. However, the reason air mattresses are more popular is because of their affordability and portability.

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Quick answer:

Best Camping Cot For Bad Back

Check out this quick list of our top 3 favorite beds FOR bad back if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-Coleman ComfortSmart Cot


3-REDCAMP Folding Camping Cots

Best Camping Cot For Bad Back

1-Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

best camping cot for bad back

Starting at the no.1 in our list, we have the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot.

The item dimensions of this tent cot are 69 x 25 x 15 inches and weigh around 22 pounds. The steel frame of this cot can support up to 280 pounds easily.

It is very comfortable and suitable for all sorts of outdoor purposes including camping, trekking or any outdoor activities which you love.

This camping cot is very comfortable and with its smart coil suspension system and thick foam mattress pad, this folding cot offers support and comfort comparable to that of a bed.

It can easily support people up to 5 feet 7 inches tall and has a sleek design that can easily fit into any truck or automobile.

Highlight features

A full night of comfortable sleep: This folding cot offers support and comfort comparable to that of a bed and has extra width for extra comfort. Also, this cot is extremely lightweight and is perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities.

Durable and strong frame: Durable steel frame can support up to 275 pounds and accommodate most people up to 5 feet 7 inches tall providing superior stability with its smart coil suspension system.

Well made and easy to fold: Built from high quality and heavy-duty materials, this camping cot is very easy to fold and can easily fit into most car trunks.


  • The pad which is on top feels very comfortable and the canvas portion feels much more like a bed
  • Very lightweight
  • can hold heavyweight
  • Simple to pack and unpack


  • Even if when the cot is folded, it takes a lot of space

Reason to get this: Best overall!

2-EVER ADVANCED Compact Camping Cot

best cot for bad back

Moving on to no.2, there is the EVER ADVANCED Compact Camping Cot for Sleeping, Fishing, Outdoor Travel.

The dimensions are 76 x 25.6 x 7.9 inches and are very lightweight weighing only 11.8 pounds.

It has a U-shaped lower support made of steel which has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. This tent cot is the perfect solution for your outdoor sleeping needs.

The cot features durable polyester fabric which will keep you well-rested and comfy for your next outing. The durable steel frame also has 5 locking legs for stability and can be easily folded up to a compact size.

It keeps you away from cold and moisture on the ground and packages with a zipper-locked carry bag for extra convenience.

Highlight features

Pack down to small: Packs down to a very small size and fits just perfectly in the high-quality bag that comes with it. It is easy to transport and has a large top space which can easily support 250 pounds.

Easy setup: Heavy-duty cot is easy to set up and can be done without the use of any tools. It features a sturdy steel frame and has 5 locking legs for stability.

Adapt to any terrain: Can be adapted to any terrain and U-shaped support makes it more suitable for muddy or not flat ground keeping you away from the cold ground.


  • Very comfortable and perfect for people suffering from back pain
  • Portable design
  • super easy to setup
  • Legs are round and smooth which doesn't damage your tent floor


  • Material is not very breathable and condensation might occur in colder weather

Reason to get this: Best for value

3-REDCAMP Folding Camping Cots

best camping cot for a bad back

Coming to our no.3 pick, we will talk about the REDCAMP Folding Camping Cots.

This outdoor camping cot measures 75 x 28 x 15 when open and the cot leg tubes are 1.5 inches wide and provides strong support to the cot.

Despite being super lightweight to carry, it can withstand 500 pounds of weight easily. It is suitable for tall adults, heavy people, or for family camping.

This portable cot is great for outdoors and is made from 600D Double Oxford fabric and thicker elliptical shape tubes on the cot legs providing both comfort and durability.

The package is included with a storage bag and the installation process is very simple and can be done in less than 10 seconds.

Highlight features

Sturdy and heavy-duty: Finished with updated and thicker elliptical shape tubes on the cot legs, adding the camp cot to best stability and carrying capacity.

Easy to set up and carry: No assembly is required and can be installed and folded up into an included storage bag within 10 seconds. Also, it has a large space ensuring single-person freedom movement.

Multi-use camping cot: This portable adult's cot for camping is available in green with a pillow and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor usage.


  • Very sturdy and made out of heavy canvas material
  • Lightweight and perfect for a comfortable night's sleep
  • The package comes with free pillows


  • Cot might not stay firm in its place on uneven ground

4-Alpcour Folding Camping Cot

Best Camping Cot For Bad Back

Standing at our no.4 spot on the list, we have the Alpcour Folding Camping Cot – Extra Strong Single Person.

The cot's dimensions are around 75 x 26 x 15 inches and weigh around 14 pounds. However, it is made of heavy-duty materials and can support up to 440 pounds of weight.

With this multipurpose camping cot you can make the most of your vacation while indulging in the same sound sleep you enjoy from the comfort of your home.

This cot is very durable and has a steel structure and the fabric is made from 600D Double Layered Twill. For your extra comfort, it also comes with an inbuilt sleeping pillow.

The cot keeps you 15 inches above the ground and for a perfect night of sleep, it has a sloping incline of 19 inches. Also, it has a carrying bag for carrying and storage. 

Highlight features

Universal size and portable design: Designed for a single person, the bed easily supports up to 440 pounds and also makes a safe, snug choice for toddlers, small children, teens, and adults.

Strong but soft: Indestructible twill fabric wicks away moisture so you won’t sweat during the night, the fabric is very comfortable against the skin and adjusts with your body shape.

Very easy to carry: Features a lightweight carrying bag for easier storage and transportation. Also, it is included with a side pocket where you can store your essential belongings safely.


  • Super easy to set up and can be adjusted accordingly
  • Very firm design and comfortable for a cot
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • For healthier people, the cot might not be the perfect option and is also not easy to carry

5-LACAL Foldable 5.7lbs Camping Cot

camping bed for bad back

In our no. 5 pick, we have LACAL Foldable 5.7lbs Camping Cot, Durable Travel Tent Cot.

This easy-to-setup and portable cot has dimensions of 75 × 26 × 7 inches and is durable enough to bear 264 pounds.

The special structure design and aluminum frame are made of Aircraft Grade 7075 aluminum which disperses weight effectively and gives you more stability and comfort.

The camping cot is manufactured from heavy-duty ripstop polyester fabric making it more durable than oxford.

The fabric is very breathable and fully skin-friendly. It has a wrinkle-free design and is super easy to clean set up.

It can be assembled easily without any help. Also, the level locking system adds more stability to the frame.

Highlight features

Well-chosen material: Heavy Duty Ripstop Polyester Fabric is much more durable than oxford fabric while providing high strength and elastic recovery capacity even after folding for a long time.

Good bearing performance: The support frame is made of Aircraft Grade" 7075 aluminum and the special structure disperses weight equally and effectively giving the cot good stability

Lightweight and easy to use: This lightweight camping cot weighs only 4 pounds and has a weight carrying capacity of 264 pounds which saves you a lot of space and energy.


  • Incredibly comfortable
  • keeps you cool during warm days
  • Has 3 legs rather than 4 which makes it more sturdy and keeps it flat on uneven surfaces
  • Comes at a very affordable price


  • Shock cords are not very durable

6-ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

best camping cots for bad backs

Lastly, at no.6, let's have a look at the ALPS Mountaineering Lightweight Cot

The cot measures 74 x 30 x 7. 5 inches and is super lightweight weighing only around 11.5 pounds.

Instead of being so lightweight, the tent has a strong frame and the structure can support 250 pounds easily.

When you're sleeping on the go and your space is limited, this camping cot ensures that you get a comfortable good night's sleep.

The frame is built from premium quality materials and the fabric is built from 600D polyester having anti-tear and good moisture-wicking qualities.

The camping cot can be set up within minutes and also folding it back is super easy as well. Also, there is a carry bag included for easy transport and storage. 

Highlight features

Extremely durable frame: Steel frame is extremely durable and will be sure to provide long-lasting use. Also, the fabric is made of 600D polyester fabric which is tear-resistant and easy to clean.

Comfortable and spacious: The camping cot is spacious enough to support both you and your luggage. It is extremely well built and once set up it can give you a comfortable night of sleep. 

Perfect for multipurpose use: Weighing only 11.5 pounds, it is manageable to bring with you anywhere and anytime. This cot is perfect for sleeping on the go while having the comfort of a bed.


  • Fabric is soft and you can move around easily without feeling that you will fall
  • Good for people suffering from back pain
  • Made out of durable materials and can last a lifetime with little care


  • Setting up is not very easy

Reason to get this: Best for Quality!

Other Consideration

We have talked about the best camping cots for a bad back. However, talking about "best cots", there is no hard and fast rule for calling anything best. So, you have to look at yourself and find what's best suited for you. And to do that, you must be aware of the key considerations.

Dimensions of The cot

Starting with the very basic things, take a look at the length, breadth, and height of the camping cot which you are planning to get. Is it wide and long enough to fit you properly?

If you are a tall and bulky person, you will obviously need a longer cot for sleeping comfortably but a larger cot will add more weight to your luggage and also might be difficult to carry.

If you are a short person, then there's no point in carrying a bulky cot with you throughout your journey for no reason. Also, if you are going out camping in a place where there is a chance of waterlogging, make sure that your cot is high enough to keep you dry in that case.


Next, consider how much weight is going to be on that cot. It's just not your weight but also the weight of the stuff you are planning to keep on the cot with you. In our top picks, we have mentioned the weight carrying capacity of every cot.

Whatever you are going to pick, make sure that the capacity of that cot is displayed in the product description. You might also look at the product reviews to verify if the displayed numbers are trustworthy. 

Usage and setting up

Many people just like to arrive late at their campsite and enjoy spending time in silence. If you are one of them, make sure that your camping cot is easy to set up and the whole set-up process can be done in less than 10 minutes or so.

Otherwise, it might be frustrating to fumble with the rods and poles at late night. For your convenience, you can try sleeping on the cot in your home for a few days to get adjusted before hitting the outdoors.

And, if you are suffering from back pain, taking a pillow between your knees while sleeping might be more comfortable for you.


Are cots bad for your back?

Sleeping on a cot is beneficial for your back instead of laying on the ground. As you remain elevated above the ground, you will notice that you are away from the dampness of the ground which will not hurt your back and lessen the stiffness.

Also, the surface of your cot is flat instead of the being undulating like the surface of the ground which allows you to sleep more comfortably.

Do you need a pad with a cot?

When you sleep on the ground, you lose body heat in the form of convection which a sleeping pad prevents and thus it keeps you warm. When sleeping on a cot, you will feel cold air circulating under your cot.

Therefore you will also lose body heat from the cold air which will make you colder than sleeping on the ground with no pad.

That's why a sleeping pad is necessary for sleeping on a cot to keep you warm and comfy.

Is a camping cot worth it?

Camping cots keep you warm in cold weather and cold in warm weather. As they are elevated above the ground, they don't obstruct airflow and keep you safe from ground insects or bugs.

They are easier to store than a traditional air mattress and also keep your body free from any pain or discomfort. That explains why a camping cot is worth it.


And again, if you are looking for a lightweight and easy to set-up camping cot which can support you're back then Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is the perfect match for you.

Getting away from the comforts of our homes and spending time in the wilderness might be a daunting task for some people especially those who are already suffering from physical pain.

But, having a camping cot helps to ease things out. A camping cot gives you the comfort and safety which you feel in your home while letting you enjoy the outside world.

Therefore, to keep your back free from any pain and discomfort, investing in a proper camping cot is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Just try using one cot yourself, we are sure that you won't be disappointed. 

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