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Best Leggings For Winter Hiking


Leggings have become more of an adventure clothing in recent years, and they appear to be a perfect choice for heading out at first glance. They're flexible, form-fitting and comfortable and unlike technical hiking pants, they're an ultralight enthusiast's best friend.

And if you’re a leggings lover you will know that when the coldest winter months arrive, it’s time for a serious leggings.

Our picks for the best leggings for winter hiking below are among the warmest on the market, they built to stand up to freezing temperatures and howling winds. Jump To Best Options!

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best leggings for Winter

Check out this quick list of our Top favorite LEGGINGS FOR WINTER if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-BALEAF leggings Thermal 

2-Duofold Double-Layer Thermal Leggings

3-Under Armour ColdGear Leggings

4-NAVISKIN Winter Leggings

5-Minus33 Merino Wool leggings

Best Leggings For Winter Hiking

1-Baleaf Leggings Thermal

Best Winter Hiking Leggings

The warm fabric of Baleaf Leggings and a high-rise design combine to form a really comfortable and warm pair of leggings that traps heat and keeps you cozy for long winter hike.

BALEAF’s leggings are also made to prevent chafing. They have a V-shaped waistband, as well as a gusseted crotch that won’t leave you feeling uncomfortable.

You’ll also find two smartphone pockets, as well as a small pocket for any other items.


  • Easy to pack
  • Soft and warm interior
  • Stretchable fabric for free movement
  • Durable fabric composition


  • The waistband might irritate
  • Runs Small

Reason to get this: Best OVERALL

2-Duofold Double-Layer Thermal Leggings

Best winter hiking leggings

In cold or extreme weather, the Duofold leggings are ideal for hiking, running, or cycling, the fabric is also water resistant, so these are undoubtedly one of the best leggings for snow hiking.

You probably won't have to stack them because they're thin enough. They're also exceptionally comfortable, due to its ultra-stretchy fabric, moisture-wicking abilities


  • lightweight performance
  • C-Vapor technology wicks moisture away
  • very Ankle length pants keep you covered
  • Allows drawcord custom fit


  • No pockets
  • There is no gusseted crotch.

Reason to get this: Best Double-Layer Leggings

3-Under Armour ColdGear Leggings

Best Winter Hiking Leggings

The Under Armour ColdGear leggings offer comfort and warmth while you run in the cold. 2-layer construction combines a smooth, fast-drying exterior with a brushed, heat-trapping interior.

These winter leggings serve as a warm layer on cold days and a second layer when the temperature is freezing, What makes them perfect for cold weather workouts and hiking.

Stretchy materials let you move without restriction, while moisture-wicking properties dry quickly to keep you light.


  • Super comfortable
  • highly durable
  • keep you warm
  • moisture-wicking materials


  • not a lot color option
  • no pokets

Reason to get this: Excellent for hiking & cold weather workouts

4-NAVISKIN Winter Leggings

NAVISKIN Winter Leggings (2)

The fleece-lined leggings from NAVISKIN are some of the most flexible leggings on the market. They bend and adjust to your body, making them ideal for a wide range of activities.

The seamless fabric and gusseted crotch won't bother your skin, so you can wear these leggings without concern of irritation. making wearing them very comfortable during winter hikes, walks, climbs and because they have a nice fleece lining.

If you’re worried about having a pocket to tuck your phone away, these leggings come with a waistband pocket that fits up to a 5.5-inch phone.


  • Waterproof
  • moisture-wicking
  • Lightweight
  • very soft-brushed fabric


  • On colder days, might be better to wear it as a second layer.
  • not a lot color option

Reason to get this: Best For wide range activities like Running and hiking

5-Minus33 Merino Wool leggings

winter hiking leggings

These Minus33 leggings are made entirely of wool and are extremely warm and thick. They're also flexible and efficient when it comes to wicking sweat, given to the interlock-knit design.

it is naturally insulating and will help regulate your temperature, so you’ll find that they keep you warm when it colds and will also keep you cooler when it’s warm outside!

Basically, merino wool leggings are the ideal base layer for winter days spent hiking outside.


  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Moisture-wicking
  • comfortable
  • Quick-drying


  • Some may find the waistband to be too thin

Reason to get this: Best for Durability and warmth

6-32 DEGREES Weatherproof Leggings

32 DEGREES Weatherproof Leggings

Cozy warmth comes with a sleek fit in these 32 Degrees leggings, in soft fleece for studio workouts or adventurous hikes.

the 32 Degrees weatherproof leggings are designed to withstand odors, static, and moisture, yet they're thin enough to wear underneath waterproof clothing if you're planning on confronting the outdoors.


  • pockets at sides
  • lightweight performance fabric
  • waterproof
  • Moisture wicking and fast drying


  • not a lot color option

Reason to get this: Best waterproof leggings

7-Fjallraven Abisko Leggings

Fjallraven - Women's Abisko Trekking leggings (1)

The Fjallraven Abisko hiking leggings are durable and designed for long-distance hikes.

They are good in regulating temperature in a variety of environments. The high and wide waistband is comfy, and the pockets are strategically placed to keep valuables close at hand.

These pants run large and long. The Abiskos feel strange at first, thanks to some fabric bunching and double-thick seams around the patches.

It rapidly blends into the background on the trail, and it's a tiny price to pay for hiking pants that feel like tights yet can easily brush off cactus spines.


  • pockets at sides
  • breathable
  • waterproof
  • Moisture wicking and fast drying


  • expensive

Reason to get this: a lot of clever features that make them a fun and practical pick.

8-90 Degree By Reflex-Leggings

Winter hiking leggings

The 90 Degree by Reflex leggings are  Made from a stretchy polyester-spandex blend and lined with a super soft brushed fleece, they provide warmth and comfort without weighing you down. 

According to the product description, the fleece-lined leggings are "designed to feel like wearing your favorite sweatshirt on your legs."

these fleece lined leggings are designed to wick moisture and help you stay warm when the temperature drops, which make them ideal for active hiking in cold weather.


  • Optional pockets
  • Good value
  • super warm
  • 30-day, full-refund guarantee


  • Uses polar fleece instead of real wool

Reason to get this: Best for value and Quality

9-MERIWOOL Men's Thermal Leggings

MERIWOOL Men's Thermal Leggings-best winter hiking leggings

The MERIWOOL Men's Thermal Leggings is super soft and comfortable ,100% superfine 18.5 micron provide all day comfort and no itch! designed for daily wear without rubbing and overheating of regular cotton.

Midweight merino wool base layer naturally regulates body temperature to keep you warm and cozy.

Moisture wicking and odor resistant, merino base-layer men natural wicking and odor-resistant properties allow it to absorb moisture better than any other fabric, keeping you dry and fresh.


  • quick dry
  • breathable
  • very comfortable
  • 90-day return policy


  • not a lot of color option
  • bit pricier than other options

Reason to get this: Best All-Weather winter leggings

10-Columbia Glacial Fleece Printed Leggings

Columbia Glacial Fleece Printed Legging-(best winter hiking leggings)

the Columbia Women's Glacial Fleece Printed Leggings is crafted from soft, lightweight microfleece, yet very durable and comfy.

These active fit leggings are made out of polyester micro fleece material, keeping your warm and guarantee you all the heat you need, with no loss of flexibility or mobility.


  • Super-soft
  • warm
  • lightweight
  • very comfortable


  • no pockets

Reason to get this: very Comfortable and come With Regular fit

11-CRZ YOGA Lined Leggings

CRZ YOGA-Winter hiking leggigs

The CRZ YOGA Naked Feeling High Waist Leggings are recognized  for its buttery softness and lightness “It gives naked sensation.”

They are made with the sleek and medium compression fabric that traps heat and keeps you cozy for long time.

Polyester with fleece lining makes the perfect moisture-wicking, plus they feature pockets and an elastic waist equipped with a drawstring for a comfortable fit.


  • very affordable
  • Durable
  • comfortable
  • very light


  • It is not compressive

How To Choose Leggings For Winter Hiking

Best Leggings For Winter Hiking

When it comes to choosing the best Leggings For Hiking, you have to know which features to look for and what make them the ideal choice.

Fabric weight

Because of its temperature-regulating capabilities, the weight of merino wool leggings may help keep you warm while simultaneously keeping you cool in frigid weather.

If you won't be spending much time outside, a midweight alternative would be enough. However, if you don't feel cold easily or live somewhere with milder winters, lightweight merino wool is a good option.

The larger the percentage of wool, the warmer you will be, and the better the odor-resistance. If you're going somewhere where you won't be able to wash your leggings easily, heavyweight is the way to go.


Flatlock seams are beneficial for outdoor activities, so look for them in your hiking leggings. This stitch reduces chafing and provides comfort while allowing for easy mobility.

Sewn-in crotch gussets increase flexibility of movement by preventing pain when bending down or crouching. A gusseted crotch also helps in keeping the cloth together in the middle.

If your body warms up faster than the average person's, search for leggings with built-in mesh panels, which provide both air flow and insulation.


The next feature to consider is durability, because the last thing you want is to get a pair that will be damaged after a few difficult climbs.  ideal hiking leggings will last you for a long time and many trips.

Our preferred method of determining a product's durability is to read online reviews and ask friends for recommendations. Furthermore, many brands provide warranty on their gear's quality and will accept returns if it fails to hold up on the trails.


Although measuring your waist and thighs is required for sizing, the leggings must fit well and flatter your body type. Leggings can have a high or low waist, depending on your personal tastes and whether you want to layer them or wear them as outerwear.

Wider waistbands are more comfortable in general and may be worn alone for strenuous activities, but they might be distracting when worn as a base layer.

At the ankles, some leggings contain bands or cuffs to keep the fabric from rolling up. You might look at these possibilities if this is something you like.

Leggings made of 100% merino wool may become baggier with time. Look for wool combined with other synthetics like polyester or Lycra if you want something that is snug and fits well.


Part of having an enjoyable hiking experience involves making sure you’re properly prepared.

Winter has its own set of challenges to prepare for and finding the right clothing is one of those challenges.

Here are some questions that you may want to consider before setting out on a hike in cold temperatures.

Are fleece-lined leggings good for hiking?

Fleece-lined leggings are a great option for hiking. They provide nearly everything that you want for hiking during the winter in leggings.

The fleece-lining provides insulation to keep you warm and the material also wicks away moisture so it’ll keep you dry even when you work up a sweat.

It may be hard to imagine sweating in cold temperatures but hiking is a workout and sweating is bound to happen. Having a material that helps keep you dry is essential to protecting your body heat so you can hike for longer.

Fleece-lined leggings are soft, fuzzy, and warm. You can’t beat the comfort that comes from these leggings and the material will provide protection against any light rain or snowfall you may encounter.

The downside to fleece-lined leggings is that once they get wet, they tend to stay wet for a while. The fleece-lining is very dense and can take hours or even days to air dry.

If you’re going to be hiking for an extended period of time then you’ll need to bring multiple pairs to make sure you always have a dry set to wear.

Are thermal leggings good for hiking?

Thermal leggings have a lot of the same qualities as fleece-lined leggings, but there are some unique features that make them a valuable hiking asset as well.

Thermal leggings are made out of a blend of synthetic and natural materials which makes them very efficient at preventing a build-up of moisture.

This also means that it won't take them as long to dry once they get wet. You can cut down on the number of leggings you need to pack if you’re going with thermal leggings in a moist environment.

Thermal leggings are better at keeping you dry than fleece-lined leggings because of their synthetic materials. Staying dry will help to prevent any chaffing or irritation to your skin as well.

The last thing you want halfway through your hike is to develop a rash from all the sweating and friction! These leggings will help you avoid that discomfort.

They’re excellent for winter hiking or other highly physical outdoor activities. Thermal leggings will allow you to work out comfortably and in style.

Is it best to hike in pants or leggings?

Choosing to go hiking in pants or leggings is going to be a personal preference, but it seems that there are more positives for leggings than pants.

Pants do provide plenty of warmth and coverage for your lower half. They also tend to come with features that leggings don’t such as a belt loop and deep pockets.

Those pockets can be great for storing things that you need to reach quickly during your hike and can help you to hike longer by decreasing the number of times you need to stop throughout the day.

You can also use a belt with pants that can help to keep your pants secure if you stumble or fall. You can also hang larger objects off of your belt which can be convenient but may cause you to feel off-balance.

The downside to pants is that they can be bulky, made out of heavier material, and may not provide the comfort you want when hiking for longer periods of time.

Unless you’re wearing snow pants or a pant with water-resistant material they’re likely to get very wet very quickly. This can cause your body temperature to drop and leave you feeling uncomfortable during a long, cold winter hike.

Leggings have a lot of features that make them to go-to choice for many hikers. Aside from their ability to keep you warm and dry, both thermal and fleece-lined leggings are designed with comfort in mind.

Their materials are made to be able to bend and stretch with your body without stressing the fabric or chafing your skin.

Leggings are also going to be more breathable than pants which will help prevent sweating and keep you dry when you do sweat or hike through a dense fog.


Hiking in the winter can be magical! When the woods turns cold and coated with snow it becomes a completely new world. This new world offers a different experience than hiking in the summer and you’ll need to be properly prepared.

Choosing the right clothing is incredibly important. You want something that will keep you warm, dry, and allow you to move across rough terrain, especially if it’s covered in snow! While there are pants that will get the job done, leggings also make a great option.

They tend to be more comfortable than pants and provide a level of flexibility that pants don’t. They’re also more breathable than pants which helps prevent sweating and friction rashes.

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