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Best Lightweight Down Jacket for Women


With hundreds of choices out there you might get confused which is the right down jacket for you, but don’t worry in this blog post we carefully picked the best lightweight down jacket for women's in the market to make the process a little easier for you.

let's get started!

Don't know what to consider when choosing a DOWN JACKET? Here is everything you need to know to pick the best DOWN JACKET

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best down jacket for women’s

Check out this quick list of our favorite LIGHTWEIGHT DOWN JACKET FOR WOMEN’S if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews


2-Rab Neutrino Pro




Best Lightweight Down Jacket for Women

The Arc'teryx Cerium LT Hoody is a top scorer in our review based mainly upon its performance in two of the most critically important categories for a lightweight down jacket warmth and weight.

Its 850-fill power down gives it super high loft and heat retention, while also weighing less than the competitors who used lower fill-power down.

Arc'teryx pairs its warm and light down with Arato 10 denier super light nylon shell fabric, ensuring that this jacket uses only the lightest materials available.

The hood of the Cerium LT is down-filled, low-profile, and adjustable so it hits the sweet spot of being cozy while staying out of your field of vision.

However, while its high quality led to maximum performance, it doesn't come without a price. This was easily one of the most expensive down jackets in our review.


  • Very warm,
  • super light
  • fits fantastically


  • Expensive

Reason to get this: BEST OVERALL DOWN JACKET

2-Rab Neutrino Pro

(women's down jackets)

The Rap Neutrino Pro Built with true winter warmth and protection, Rab’s down jacket is a great match for cold and wet conditions.

It's constructed of durable materials, which ensure it is reliable enough for most applications.

Rab suggests this jacket for peaks up to 4,000 meters, and it's an excellent choice for both higher elevation mountain adventures or moderate summertime alpine adventures.

While this may be one of the most impressive down jackets, it is important to note that it may not be the best or most useful for you.

This is heavier and bulkier than many jackets in this review due to its warmth, but it surely doesn't squander those extra ounces; you get worthwhile value from every gram.

If you're looking for something for milder climates or moderate elevations, you might consider other jackets in this review, but if you're looking for the warmest one, this is it.


  • Warm
  • comfortable
  • lightweight


  • Expensive

Reason to get this: Excellent for Alpine Objectives


(Best women's Down jackets)

The Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer is so light you’ll hardly feel its presence, just like a ghost.

Despite its lightness, it will keep you toasty warm with water-resistant down insulation and water repellent ripstop outer fabric. The wrist cuffs are lined with soft elastic to keep out the cold, and the hem can be adjusted with a drawcord.

The Ghost Whisperer is great for layering and travel, since you can simply pack it down into its own zippered pocket and stuff it in a bag or use the carabiner loop to attach it to your harness or hang it outside your pack.


  • Incredibly light
  • compact
  • warm


  • lighter materials are more fragile

Reason to get this: Best Ultralight Women's Down Jacket


ARC’TERYX-CERIUM-SV-HOODY (Best Women's Down jackets)

The Arc'teryx Cerium SV Hoody is a stunningly lightweight model.

It fluffs up to a size that rivals some proper expedition parkas but still feels light and maneuverable for those bitter cold winter days around town.

The Cerium SV has an excellent puff-to-freedom-of-movement ratio, so if you get cold easily, you'll get outstanding warmth from this jacket.

Arc'teryx used very lightweight outer fabric, which comes at a cost to long-term durability, in addition, the brand integrated synthetic down into high moisture areas, like the armpits and shoulders, although it’s the thoughtfully designed StormHood that really helps it stand out from others in its class.


  • Very warm
  • lightweight
  • versatile


  •  less stylish
  • less durable

Reason to get this: Best for Lightweight Weather Resistant Insulation



The Illuminate from Outdoor Research is a lightweight down jacket that is made from high-quality 800 fill goose down and a mix of lighter and slightly more durable fabrics which help keep it light and supple while also retaining more down inside the jacket over the long term.

The jacket does not have a lot of lofts, so while it has high-quality down, it's not one of the warmest in our review.

We liked it most as a midlayer since it does not shed light precipitation as well as some of the other jackets in this review.

However, as the Illuminate is not the warmest down jacket you can buy, but it is a great option if you already have a heavier parka or hard shell you can pair it with when temps turn frigid.


  • comfortable


  • Less loft means less overall warmth
  • less water resistant

Reason to get this: BEST FOR LAYERING


Cotopaxi Fuego (women's down jacket)

The Cotopaxi Fuego stands out with its fun, the slim fit of this jacket is very flattering and the color blocking on the chest adds a cool design element, retro styling.

 Featuring premium 800-fill down and a versatile 20-denier shell that is reasonably tough yet lightweight, the Fuego is well-built and capable despite its clear casual intentions. Of course, the retro styling is its calling card.

But the Cotopaxi Fuego is more than just looks. It’s insulated with water-resistant down, to maintain heat even if you get caught in the snow, and the cuffs, hem, and hood all have elastic to keep warmth in and cold out.

the Cotopaxi Fuego hits a nice balance of performance chops, casual appeal, and value, which is why it’s included here.


  • Well-built
  • Stylish


  • No fill weight provided.
  • Not a lot of Color options


7- Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Hoody

Mountain Hardwear Stretchdown Hoody (women's down jackets)

the Stretchdown Hoody from Mountain Hardwear looks a little different than your standard down jacket.

Instead of the typical shiny fabric and horizontal baffles, Mountain Hardwear used welded seams and a stretchy material (hence the name) that’s almost softshell-like in nature.

The result is comfortable down insulation that moves with you, is remarkably durable, and doesn’t leave you looking like the Michelin Man.

Overall, we’ve been very impressed by the Stretchdown series.


  • Lightweight
  • Stretchy fabric


  • not compressible
  • heavy

8- The North Face Gotham

women's down jacket

The North Face Gotham Jacket is an excellent option for someone looking to stay warm, yet stylish this winter.

Unlike the classic knee-length winter parkas we tested, the Gotham II's shorter length offers better mobility and practicality for an on-the-go lifestyle.

The outer shell is water-resistant, not waterproof, and isn't the best option if you live in a wet climate.

With a soft, removable faux fur ruff around the hood, this jacket has a sporty, yet classic winter parka vibe.
It's a fun and functional option for less than severe winter weather at a reasonable price. 


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • stylish
  • warm


  • Not waterproof
  • fun colors

Reason to get this: simple, and will keep you warm and cozy all winter

9- Arc’teryx Thorium AR Hoody

Arc'teryx+Thorium+Ar+women's down hooded jacket

The Thorium AR Hoody is no exception, but it didn't wow our reviewers as the company frequently has with other products.

The Thorium AR performed much better than the Arc'teryx Cerium SL - Women's and is useful for a much broader range of activities.

It is still on the pricier end of the jackets we reviewed, but it is durable, simple, and comfortable--and still less expensive than the much lighter Cerium SL.

Overall this is a rugged and reliable workhorse that we would recommend for many outdoor uses, ideally in a drier climate, and one that will last for many years.


  •  Very warm
  •  lightweight
  • durable


  • slow to dry
  • little pricier
  • slow to dry

Reason to get this:  Thorium AR achieves a nice balance of warmth and weather protection.

10-Rab Microlight Alpine 

Rab-Microlight-Alpine-(women's down jacket)

The Rab Microlight Alpine is one of the more durable and well-rounded jackets in this review, it performs solidly across all metrics and is very comfortable.

It also allows for an excellent range of movement and resists abrasion and earns a lot of compliments around town.

As a result of Rab's high-quality materials and their high manufacturing standards, the Microlight Alpine is well made. The Pertex Quantum material seals out wind well and keeps still air inside, which increases warmth beyond what we normally expect from the 750 fill down in this jacket.

It's a great all-around down jacket that could spend all day outside and still look clean and sharp, even when we felt dirty and exhausted.


  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Versatile


  • Less insulation

  • bit Heavier then other option

Reason to get this: Best Bang for the Buck


Down jacket is very useful piece of outdoor gear that you really want to spend the time to make sure you pick`` the right one for you, which will depend largely on the activities you do and the weather you do them in. switchback travel offers some tips for how to choose the right down jacket.


The warmth of down jackets comes from the air space held by the lofted down feathers. The higher the loft, the warmer the jacket is for its weight. This loft is measured in "fill power" with a very high-quality contender being 800 fill power or higher. An 800-fill power down, for example, fills 800 cubic inches for every ounce of down.


Down jackets are not completely waterproof, but some can handle moisture better than others. Many down jackets for women feature an outer layer that is treated with durable water repellent (DWR), so water beads up instead of soaking in. If you spend a lot of time in rainy or snowy weather, you will benefit from a jacket filled with hydrophobic down, which is designed to continue to provide insulation even if it gets damp.


Best Lightweight Down Jacket for Women

For uses like backpacking, climbing, mountaineering, ski touring or whenever you have to lug around your own gear, the total weight of your down jacket should play a significant role in your buying decision.

Jackets like the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 (7.8 oz.) and Feathered Friends Eos (9.3 oz.) weigh very little for the warmth they provide and compress down extremely small in your pack. However, they also cost considerably more than your typical and more casual down sweater. On the other hand, if you need a layer for around-town and occasional outdoor uses like downhill skiing, you'll be completely fine with a somewhat heavier and more affordable Down jackets in our list.

Compressibility and Packed Size

down jacket packed

Down enthusiasts love its compressibility and for good reason. An ultralight jacket like the Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer/2 can be stuffed into its own pocket and end up much smaller than a Nalgene bottle. The tiny packed size means you have little reason to leave it behind and can fit it easily into either a daypack or overnight backpacking pack.

Thanks for reading and happy trails!

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