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Best Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers


Are you in the search for a perfect sleeping pad for you as a side sleeper? and the mixed reviews on the internet are confusing you? Look no further as we are here with our top picks that are selected after in-depth research.

After a long day of hiking, your tired body deserves a comfortable night's sleep, and for that, an ideal sleeping pad is a must-have. You will see multiple options in the market, but the ones that are right for the side sleepers, need to have certain specifications.

If you fail to make the right choice, you might wake with a stressed body and bruises on your hips, which will for sure have a negative impact on your productivity the coming day.

Don’t worry, we will guide you to get the perfect sleeping bag for you so you won’t have to face these issues.

If you are in a hurry, then choose the MEETPEAK Extra Thickness Inflatable Sleeping pad. It has an ergonomic design for maximum support and is budget-friendly and reliable.

Main types of sleeping pads

1. Self Inflating pads

So the first type of sleeping pad that we are going to discuss is the self-inflating pad. If you are looking for convenience, then these would be the best choice for you.

You just have to unfold them, the air gets in through the valves automatically. They are durable and provide good insulation.

The self-inflating sleeping pads are ideal for a side sleeper as they can adjust the air based on their comfort.

If we compare their size with the other types, they are big. They get inflated very quickly on their own but take some time to get deflated.

2. Closed Cell Foam Pads

Moving to the next one, we have the closed-cell foam pads. These sleeping pads are the least expensive. They are made from small closed air cells that do not need to be inflated. Even after folding, the size is still not compact compared to the inflatable pads.

Unlike the other types, they do not provide more cushion against the firm ground and might not be considered comfortable.

These sleeping pads can withstand damage and still work fine. They can be used for multiple purposes.

3. Air Sleeping Pads

Inflatable sleeping pads are the most common and come in various sizes and shapes. These sleeping pads can be folded and require space equal to a water bottle.

You have to inflate them by yourself. You can adjust the firmness and thickness according to your choice.

You can carry a mini lightweight manual pump in your backpack to make the inflating task easier.

If you are a side sleeper, you need to get a wider sleeping pad that is thick so you can get maximum cushioning.

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Quick answer:

best sleeping pads for side sleepers

Check out this quick list of our top 3 favorite SLEEPING PAD FOR SIDE SLEEPERS if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-MEETPEAK Extra Thickness Inflatable

2-Hikenture Ultralight Double Sleeping

3-Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad

Best Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers

1-MEETPEAK Extra Thickness Sleeping Pad

Best Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers

So, the first one that we have on the list is the  Meetpeak sleeping pad with extra thickness. It is equipped with a built-in pillow so you have extra support under your head without having to carry a separate pillow. The width of the pillow is about 27.6 inches and comes with a thickness of 3.2 to 4c inches which makes it perfect for side sleepers.

It is an upgraded sleeping pad that comes with a foot press stomp so you don’t have to carry a separate pump or inflate it by mouth. The material of the sleeping bag is nylon which makes it lightweight and durable.

One of the best qualities of this sleeping pad is that it comes with snap fasteners on the sides so you can connect more pads on the sides.

Highlight features

Tear-resistant and waterproof: The non-toxic high-quality 40d nylon along with the thermoform sealing and TPU coating makes it high-performance and resistant to water. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is give it a rinse and wipe it off and it is good to be used again.

Comfortable and ergonomic design: The extra thickness of about 4 inches makes it perfect for any posture you have for sleeping. You won't wake up with bruises and aches. The V design of the cells gives you a very comfortable experience.

Quick and easy inflation: You can easily inflate this sleeping bag within less than 30 seconds using the stomp. The process is quick, easy, and fun. Similarly, deflation is also very easy and quick.


  • Extra-wide
  • Ergonomic design for
  •  extra support
  • Lightweight and compact


  • No warranty available

Reason to get this: Best overall

2-Hikenture Ultralight Double Sleeping

Best Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers

On number 2 in the list, we have the Hikenture Ultralight double sleeping pad.

It is 45 inches wide which makes it enough for 2 people, but if you are a side sleeper, you can use it alone. This will give you some extra space so you don’t end up rolling on the ground.

Hikenture ultralight sleeping pad is available in 3 colors green, blue, and grey. It is made from nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane, hence is waterproof as well.

You must be thinking that, as it is a double sleeping pad it would be heavy but it is not. It weighs 40 ounces only and packs up into very small sizes to fit in your backpack.

This high-quality sleeping pad comes with a pump air sack for easy and rapid inflation so you don’t have to pump by your mouth.

The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee of 90 days and a warranty of 1 year if you are not satisfied with the product.

Highlight features

Rapid and easy inflation: When you go for an inflatable sleeping bag, the first thing that comes up in your mind is how are you going to inflate it. Some sleeping pads require inflating by mouth and that can take up a lot of time and effort. But not this one. 

"You get a pump air sack to inflate the pad. It will take 2-3 times and about to minutes to fully inflate it."

Minipack size: The sleeping bag can be folded into a very compact form when deflated, so you do not have to worry about it taking much space in your backpack. In the compact form, the size is only about 10.6” x 4.7” x 4.7”. So you can tie it to the side of your bag and you are good to go.

Durable and comfortable material: The hikenture sleeping bag is made from nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane. It is environment-friendly and wear-resistant. In case of accidental leakage, you can use the patch kit that is included with the package. so you can seal the leakage effortlessly.


  • Lightweight
  • Insulation from cold and ground
  • Ideal for all four seasons


  • Not thick enough

Reason to get this: Best for value

3-Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Pad

So, the third one that we have on the list is the Outdoorsman lab sleeping pad. This one is also water-resistant. It comes with a width of about 21.6 inches.

The weight of the sleeping pad is 14.5 ounces. When folded, the size is reduced to 8 * 5 inches which is the same as a water bottle.

This is an air inflation bag, and you have to inflate it with your mouth or a pump. If inflated by mouth, it takes 10-15 breaths only, so not much struggle and time is required.

The thickness of the sleeping pad is 2.2 inches. The R-value of the Outdoorsman lab sleeping pad is 2.2, which makes it ideal for summers.

The manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied, along with the free sleeping pad.

Highlight features

Easy and quick inflation: You would surely hate it if you have to spend a lot of time inflating your sleeping pad after a long day. The Outdoorsman sleeping pad requires only 10-15 breaths for it to be fully inflated. You can do it within two minutes or even less if you use a mini pump.

Rip resistant: The material of the sleeping pad is nylon and TPU which makes it both waterproof and rip-resistant. You don’t have to worry about the little rock on the ground as they won't cause any damage to your sleeping pad.

No Chemical smell: When you sleeping on a sleeping bag made of plastic one of your concerns would be the smell of the plastic. With this one, you don’t have to worry about that. You won’t smell any plastic while sleeping on it.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact size
  • Durability


  • Less width

Reason to get this: Very Light!

4-Sleepingo Sleeping Pad for Side Sleepers

Sleepingo Sleeping Pad for Side Sleepers

Up next on number 4 we have on the Sleepingo sleeping pad. This one is an ultralight sleeping pad and is very easy to carry as it folds to the size of a thin bottle.

It is large in size and made from nylon. It is durable and resistant to water. You get a sleek bag in the package to put in your sleeping bag.

This sleeping pad is made in such a way that it can last you a lifetime. It is resistant to wear and tear ad won’t get damaged easily. The large 75 * 25-inch size makes it ideal to be used by side sleepers.

The thickness of the sleeping pad is 20 denier which makes it very comfortable for you. The R-value of the Sleeping sleeping pad is 2.1.

Highlight features

Comfortable: The first thing that the manufacturer has to consider is comfort. The air cells of the Sleepingo sleeping pad are interconnected to give you maximum comfort. The flexible nylon material that is treated with TPU makes the sleeping pad gives you an exceptionally relaxing sleep.

Ultralight and durable: This large-sized sleeping pad weighs only about 14 ounces, so your shoulder won't hurt if you have it in your backpack. You don’t have to remove all the rocks and twigs under your sleeping pad as it won’t damage the sleeping pad at all.

No weight limit: No matter what your weight is you don’t have to consider while choosing this sleeping pad. It is perfect for everyone and has no weight limit. You just have to inflate it a bit more and it will remain the same throughout the whole and you don’t have to wake up at night due to rocks poking you under the sleeping pad.


  • Easy to carry
  • Perfect size
  • Durable


  • No pump included

5-Klymit Insulated Static Pad For Side Sleepers

Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers

On number 5 we have the Klymit insulated lightweight Static Pad For Side Sleepers.

It has an R-value of 4.4 and is made in such a way that it is perfect for all four seasons.

It weighs about 25 ounces and can be folded into a compact size of about 5 * 8 inches.

Klymit sleeping pad comes with body mapping technology. It has a V design throughout and supports your body and comfortable sleep whether you sleep on your back, side, or on your stomach.

Highlight features

Comfortable material: The material of the Klymit sleeping pad is polyester. This is normally used in beddings at home to maximize comfort. While hiking, it gives you a comfortable night's sleep so you do not have to compromise your comfortable sleep for viewing nature.

Body mapping technology: Klymit sleeping pad comes with the patented V-design on it. It not only adds to the comfort and support while sleeping but also keeps you in the center so you don’t roll onto the sides and on the ground if you sleep on your side.

Patch kit included: As it is an inflatable sleeping pad you might end up leaking it or damaging it by accident. In that situation, you don’t have to panic as it comes with a patch kit so you can repair it within a few minutes.


  • Compact
  • Noise-free
  • Provides insulation


  • Not resistant to water

6-Therm-a-Rest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad

Therm-a-Rest Trail Lite Sleeping Pad

On number 6 we have one of the most popular types of sleeping pads. It is the Therm-a-rest trail lite self-inflating sleeping pad.

As the name suggests, it inflates by itself once you unfold it. You don’t have to struggle by inflating by mouth. This one is also made from polyester and is a firm sleeping pad.

It weighs only 1.92 pounds. The R-value of this sleeping pad is 3,2, which makes it suitable for three seasons.

It is easily compressible and you can easily press it don't pack it into a very compact form. The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty for the product.

Highlight features

Valve controlled inflation and deflation: You get two valves on the sleeping pad, both of them are one-way valves. You can inflate and deflate the sleeping pad automatically using the valves. No more struggling for inflation and deflation!

Versatility: You can use the sleeping pad wherever you like. Whether you are on a very rocky and rough trail or want to go fishing with your family or friends. This sleeping pad would be your durable and reliable partner.

Die-cut foam: The die-cut of the foam of the sleeping pad reduces the weight to a very low level, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it on long distances. It also makes it easier to compress and fold.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Durability
  • Perfect for three seasons


  • Not resistant to water

Reason to get this: perfect for three seasons!

7-WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad

WELLAX UltraThick FlexFoam Sleeping Pad

Next we have the extra thick and wide Wellax flex-foam sleeping pad.

It is made from memory foam, thermoplastic, and polyurethane. The 27-inch width and flex-foam save you from back pain and other problems if you sleep on your side.

No matter how rough your terrain is you do not have to consider that at all and just lay your sleeping pad wherever you like. It will give you a comfortable space to sleep.

There is no risk in this purchase as it is backed up by a lifetime guarantee by the manufacturer, they offer you a refund and repair services for a lifetime.

Highlight features

Very durable and Comfortable: The Wellax flex foam is made from high-quality 20d ripstop nylon which makes it durable even for the rockiest terrains. It is extra thick and will be comfortable even on very uneven paths. So no need to find even ground for sleeping anymore!

Self-inflation system: Having this sleeping pad, you no longer have to inflate it, neither by inflating sacks nor by a pump. Once you unpack the sleeping pad, it will get inflated by itself within seconds, and you will get a bed that is like home.

Heat insulation: This sleeping pad is ideal for winters as well. You don’t need any extra sleeping pad or sleeping bag for insulation. It will retain your body heat and give you a relaxing sleep, even on cool nights.


  • Extra-wide and thick
  • Provides spine support
  • Adjustable firmness


  • Comparatively heavy

8-Big Agnes Insulated AXL Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes Insulated AXL Sleeping Pad

On number 8 in the list of best sleeping pads for side sleepers, we have the high-end Big Agnes insulated AXL trail boss sleeping pad.

It is extremely comfortable, you can tell it by 3.25-inch thickness. A polycarbonate layer on the bottom part of the sleeping pad makes it way more durable than other sleeping pads.

Big Agnes sleeping pad comes with an inflating bag for easy inflation. It weighs only 34 ounces, so you can carry it easily. The valves allow you to adjust the firmness of the sleeping pad according to your choice.

Highlight features

Heat reflecting PrimaLoft silver: The upper layer of the Big Agnes sleeping pad is coated with heat-reflecting PrimaLoft so it does not capture heat in summer. This technology makes it ideal for three seasons. For winters you might need a closed-cell sleeping pad under it.

Puncture Resistant: The extra durable material and the polycarbonate layer on the bottom of this sleeping pad make it ten times more durable than any other sleeping pad. It won't get punctured easily.

Easy adjustment: The easy-to-adjust inflation valve on the sleeping pad can be used to adjust the firmness. You can easily get the exact level of firmness you want for a comfortable sleep whether you sleep on your back or your side.


  • Abrasion-resistant
  • No noise
  • Extra durable


  • No warranty

9-Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Ultralight Air Mattress

The next sleeping pad that we are going to talk about is the Therm-a-rest neo air mattress. This pad has a width of 20 inches and is made from nylon. This sleeping pad is water-resistant. It is ultra-light as it weighs about 1 pound and 3 ounces.

Therma-a-rest neo air sleeping pad has an R-value of about 6.9, which means it provides maximum insulation both from the ground and from cold. It comes with proprietary reflective thermal capture technology that captures heat so you can stay warm.

This pad is 2.5 inches thick and comes with a wing lock valve for quick automatic inflation and deflation.

Highlight features

Maximum insulation: A therm-a-rest sleeping pad is equipped with thermal capture heat radiant technology, enabling it to capture heat and prevent heat loss. This way, you get a sleeping pad that is perfect for winters without having to add extra weight to your backpack.

Wenlock valves: This sleeping pad had wing lock one-way valves. Due to these valves inflating, this sleeping bag is three times faster than the regular sleeping pads. You get a pump sack with it, so you don’t have to carry an extra pump.

Lifetime warranty: No worries if you have quality issues with the pump and realize it after buying. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the sleeping bag, and you can get it repaired or replaced easily.


  • Waterproof
  • High R-value
  • Pump sack included


  • Comparatively thin

10-NEMO Tensor Insulated Sleeping Pad

Sleeping Pad For Side Sleepers

The 10th one in the list of best sleeping pads for side sleepers is the NEMO tensor sleeping pad. It has a thickness of about three inches.

The material that is used in the bag is the 20d PU polyester. The low-stretch fabric trusses provide you with comfortable and stable sleep whether you sleep on the side or back.

The spaceframe baffles used in this pad prevent loud crunchy noises at night when you shift yourself.

It comes in various sizes and you can 75 *25 inch version if you sleep on your side. They are available in different shapes as well so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Highlight features

Cozy and enjoyable: The premium fibers used in these sleeping pads give you a soft and luxurious feel. It won't make any noise a night when you shift. The quality and feel of this sleeping pad make it very comfortable and enjoyable to sleep on.

Ultralight and compact: By buying the Nemo tensor seeping pad you are getting a luxurious feel with carrying any extra weight as the largest sizes weigh only one pound and 5 ounces. It gets folded easily into a very compact form so you can easily pack it into your backpack.

Waterproof: Despite being soft and plush this seeping pad is waterproof as well. The brand is introducing eco-conscious compounds that are waterproof so that the impact on the environment is minimized without having to compromise features.


  • Zero profile valves
  • Equal weight distribution
  • Includes pump sack


  • Available in one color only

11-Trekology Self Inflating Pad for Side Sleepers 

Trekology Self Inflating Pad for Side Sleepers

Trekology self-inflating pad is made from nylon and weighs about 2.7 kgs. It has an R-value of 9.8 which makes it ideal for extreme cold weather.

It is 3 inches thick and provides warmth and maximum support to your body.

It comes with dual valve technology which makes the inflating process effortless. The manufacturer also provides elastic bands with the sleeping pads so you can easily fold them and carry them.

There is extra foam on the head part of the sleeping pad to support your head without having to carry an extra pillow.

Highlight features

Large size: One of the most evident features of the Trekology sleeping pad is its huge size which is 77” x 28” x 3''. It is very wide and thick which makes it comfortable and reliable for side sleepers.

Easy cleaning: Sleeping pads can get dirty very easily. With this one, you don’t have to worry about cleaning. All you need to do is get a damp cloth and wipe it off. Note that you cannot machine wash the sleeping pad.

High-quality material: High-quality nylon is used in this sleeping pad which gives it a very soft feel. It is water-resistant and can sustain even in the toughest environment.


  • Water-resistant
  • Maximum insulation
  • Easy inflation


  • Not compact

12-BETTER HABITAT SleepReady Sleeping Pad

BETTER HABITAT SleepReady Sleeping Pad for side sleepers

The 12th seeping pad that we are going to review is the Better Habitat sleep-ready seeping pad

It is also waterproof. It comes with a width of about 36 inches and is 3 inches thick which makes it suitable for rocky and uneven terrains.

Better Habitat sleeping pad is made from high-quality environmentally friendly materials. The manufacturer offers a warranty of 12 months and would repair it for you if it gets damaged due to any manufacturing defect.

Highlight features

No inflation required: The Better Habitat sleeping pad is sleeping ready and you don't have to inflate it at all. All you have to do is unfold it and your bed is ready. So all the pump struggle is gone with this sleeping pad.

Versatile: This sleeping pad is very versatile. It can be used while camping on rocky and uneven terrain, during a family trip, or for camping. It is suitable for both kids and adults and won’t cause any allergy or infection.

Thick and comfortable: Better Habitat sleeping pad is 3 inches thick which makes it suitable for uneven grounds. No matter how rocky the ground is you don’t have to consider it as you won’t fee any rocks. It is very comfortable due to the cotton mesh terry and won't cause sweating.


  • Fit for every body type and posture
  • Temperature control system
  • Breathable cotton terry


  • A bit pricey

13-Exped MegaMat Lite 12 Sleeping Pad

Exped MegaMat Lite 12 Sleeping Pad

Lastly, on number 13 we have the Exped Megamat Lite 12 sleeping pad. It weighs only 0.33 pounds.

It has a width of 6 inches. It is 12com or 4.7 inches thick and is waterproof as well. You get an inflating bag along with it for easy inflation.

The deflation valve of this sleeping pad is very large which makes deflation very quick. It folds into a very compact size that is easy to carry in your backpack.

The build is high quality and you get a 5-year warranty so you don’t have to worry about durability.

Highlight features

Extra thick: As compared to other sleeping pads, this one is extra thick. No matter what your weight is, you don’t have to conder that factor while buying it. It gives you a home bed-like experience on the most uneven grounds.

Compact and lightweight: When deflated, the size of this sleeping pad becomes very small and you can fit it in your backpack. It weighs only 0.33 pounds so your shoulders won’t hurt even if you carry it through long long distances.

Ideal for the cold environment: It comes with texpedloft blue sight certified insulation. It keeps you very warm and comfortable even if the temperature is as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. It locks in all the heat and there is no heat escape so you don’t need extra sleeping pads under it.


  • Very comfortable
  • Easily packable
  • Fully insulated


  • Less wide

Other Consideration

Now that you have read the reviews of some amazing products available in the market, let me provide you with a brief guide so it is easier for you to choose.

So let’s see what are some important things to consider before you buy a sleeping pad.


Make sure that you get the right material as some of them might be rough and firm while others are soft and smooth.

I would recommend you to choose a sleeping pad that is made from waterproof material so you don’t have to spend much time cleaning them.

Bacterial Growth Prevention

If you use an air sleeping bag and inflate it by your mouth then the moisture that is built in the bag can lead to mold and bacterial growth inside it.

Although you can use a mini pump to inflate it to prevent the issue, some sleeping pads come with the system to avoid bacterial growth.


The next factor that you need to consider is the length. Make sure you choose the length according to your height. A short sleeping pad might not be enough to serve the purpose.


Weight should also be considered before buying a sleeping pad. You have to carry it along with you on steep paths while hiking, if it is heavy it will be a problem for you. Get the one that is lightweight and compact so it is easy to carry.

Shape And Size

Sleeping pads are available in several sizes and shapes. The standard width of a sleeping pad is about 20 inches. If you are a side sleeper you need to go for the ones that are 25-30 inches wide so you have enough space to lie on your side. Some sleeping pads offer rails on the sides so you don’t roll onto the ground in sleep, you can also get them.

Why do you need a sleeping pad?

Well, some of you might think that your sleeping pad is just adding extra weight to your bag, and you might not need it.

But the number of benefits that it has, make it worth carrying.

Most sleeping bags are lightweight and can be folded into a compact form, so they are easy to carry.

A sleeping pad helps you get comfortable sleep even if the ground is uneven or there are a lot of rocks on the ground.

The sleeping pads with an R-value of 4 or higher provide insulation so that you can have cozy and warm bedding in cold weather.

If you are hiking with a team, and you sleep in a tent on a sleeping bag, you might come across the issue of slipping.

If you use a sleeping pad instead, then due to the material used in it, it will not slip from its place, and you will wake up in the same place where you slept.

Furthermore, if you are habitual of sleeping on your side, you might suffer from issues such as back pain if you sleep on rough ground. In that case, it would be a lifesaver for you.

It protects you from dirt and insects and acts as a cushion between you and the ground, so you can have a relaxing sleep experience in a place that is otherwise not comfortable at all.


So this was all about the best sleeping pads for side sleepers. We hope that this article has resolved all your queries related to sleeping pads. You can use the above-mentioned guide to choose from the options.

Remember to check the R-value and buy according to the weather as higher R-value sleeping pads are good for winters while those which have a low R-value are good for hiking during summers.

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