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How To Get Electricity While Camping?

For most people, camping is an opportunity to reconnect with the natural world and take a break from the constant demands of our modern-day lives.

Technology is everywhere now and hard to escape so camping can be a wonderful respite from feeling constantly connected.

However, there are times when you might wish you had electricity while camping. Perhaps you just want some creature comforts or maybe you need to keep your phone charged for work or family emergencies.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to get electricity while camping.

There are the traditional eclectic hookups at campsites that you can rely on, but there are also a ton of other options available to you as well.

Solar power has become increasingly popular in recent years, and there are old favorites kicking around that have been transformed for modern-day use such as shake flashlights that now have USB ports.The possibilities are endless for how to get electricity while camping.

This guide will walk you through the different options you have and how they work so you can always have a reliable way of getting electricity while camping.

Electric Hook-Ups

There’s nothing more fun than going for a long camping trip in your RV. You can travel the country and stay at a bunch of different campsites. Camping in an RV gives you the ability to visit new and exciting campsites, while still enjoying the comforts of home life.

camping electricity

Many campsites have electric hook-ups for RVs, and even tent campers can use them. These electric hook-ups have the same types of outlets that you’d find in your home, and often have a power breaker switch next to them.

If you’re traveling in an RV, then you can pay for a spot with electric hook-ups and plug-ins as soon as you get to your campsite. Make sure the power breaker is in the off position before you plug in.

Once you’ve got your plug securely in the outlet, you can flip the breaker and then enjoy the comforts of electricity for the duration of your stay.

You could also use these outlets if you’re tent camping. Many campsites have electric hook-ups in all of their sites, and if you decide to go tent camping then you can still get a site that has electric hook-ups.

Maybe you’re using your phone to take pictures of your adventure or stay in touch in case there’s an emergency at work. Getting a site with electric hook-ups will enable you to keep your devices charged and stay connected to the rest of the world.


Gas generators are a great way to provide electricity to your home when the power goes out unexpectedly. They’re a great backup to have and can provide you with a sense of security, especially if you live in an area where it takes a long time to get your power lines repaired.

Did you know that there are portable generators as well? These nifty devices are made to travel- just like you!

Portable generators are definitely an option to bring along with you while you’re camping. They’ll provide you with the electricity you need, and there are a few different kinds that you can look into.

Gas Generators

Gas generators run on gas, which means that you’ll need to bring a container of gas along with you. That container is going to be heavy, and most portable generators weigh around 35lbs! That’s a lot of weight to be lugging around.

If you’re hiking out into the wilderness to get to your campsite then this probably isn’t the best option for you.

However, if you’re going to be driving up to your campsite, then a gas generator can be a great way to bring some electricity into your campsite.

One of the benefits of using a gas generator is its ability to generate a ton of electricity! This is ideal for someone who needs to do more than just charge their phone.

If you’re planning on running a hair-dryer, mini-microwave, electric kettle, or other appliance while camping, then you need a reliable source of electricity.


camp electricity

This PowerSmart Generator is one of the best gas generator options for campers. This 1000-watt generator weighs in at 39lbs, so it’s best used for campers who are going to be driving up to their campsites. Its fuel tank can hold 1.1 gallons, and this device can run for 5 hours on half a tank!One of the downsides of gas generators is the loud whirring noise they make. It can shatter the quiet night you were hoping for out in the wilderness and become obnoxious after only a few minutes.Thankfully, the PowerSmart Generator works to cut down on that noise so you can enjoy a quiet night in the wilderness. It’s easy to assemble and use.

This generator also works to limit the emissions that gas generators usually produce so you can enjoy the fresh air without experiencing that unpleasant gas odor.

Rechargeable Generators

If you want the power of a traditional gas generator, but don’t want to worry about lugging gas around with you or dealing with the noise that they create, then a rechargeable generator is a perfect option for you.

These awesome inventions usually have lithium-ion battery packs that you can charge up at home before you set off on your camping adventure. They’re often lightweight, and much quieter than gas generators.

Rechargeable generators don’t run on gas, which cuts down on the supplies you have to bring out with you. Since they don’t run on gas, they won’t be producing emissions that disturb the fresh air quality you’re hoping to enjoy on your camping trip. And they’re quiet!


For campers that want the amenities of electricity while camping out in the wilderness, this Portable Power Station is ideal. This generator produces 300 watts and can charge a smartphone from dead to full 23 times! That can definitely get you through a week-long camping trip.

It comes with multiple charging outlets so you can get all of your devices charged up at once. This little generator weighs in at only 5lbs, which makes it the perfect choice for someone who’s going to be hiking into the wilderness to find a campsite.

campground electricity

You can take this Portable Power Station with you anywhere, and it’s rated to run in extreme temperatures ranging from 14 degrees F to 104 degrees F. It’s the perfect solution for getting electricity no matter what season you’re camping in.

Another benefit to this generator is the ease at which you can recharge it. There’s a plug-in for you to charge it at your home, a 12V adaptor so you can charge it in your car on the way to your campsite, and it even has hook-ups for you to attach solar panels to charge it.

This is truly one of the best products for campers that need electricity. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and even easier to charge. It also has a flashlight that you can use for reading, seeing around your campsite in the dark, or signaling for help in an emergency.

The only downside to this generator is the low wattage output. It’s perfect for charging your phone or laptop, but it can’t handle bigger appliances such as coffee makers, hairdryers, or microwaves.

The positives far outweigh the downside for this generator. It’s small enough to fit in a backpack, and the weight won’t break your back.

If you need a rechargeable generator for your next camping trip, then the Portable Power Station is the way to go.

Thermoelectric Generators

These innovative generators are an amazing solution for getting electricity while you’re camping. Thermoelectric generations create electricity based on a significant temperature difference.

The beauty of this is that all you need is your campfire to work one of these! They’re small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use.


Most thermoelectric generators are made specifically for campers, and this BioLite Campstove 2 Wood Burning Electricity Generating & USB Charging Camp Stove is the best of the best.

It’s super easy to use and understand, but here’s a breakdown of how it works. There’s a small container on the backside of this device where you’ll need to burn some wood. In front of that container is a pack that has a USB charging outlet.

how to get electricity while camping

As your fire burns and generates heat, it will turn into electricity and charge the device you’ve plugged into it. The BioLite Campstove is super simple and super smart!

You can place a pot of water or food on top of the container that’s holding your fire to cook with this device while simultaneously charging your device.

It’s an amazing piece of equipment that will allow you to relax at your campsite while a single device cooks your food, and charges your devices.

It also comes with a grill top that can fit 4 burgers at once! You’ll be able to charge your phone while cooking in style with this generator. It’s going to make your evening camping routine so much easier and simpler.

Another benefit to this generator is its weight. The entire set-up weighs less than 4lbs, which makes it the perfect generator for campers who want to venture out into the wilderness and find a secluded campsite deep in the woods.

There’s also a fan built into this generator that will help keep the smoke from your fire blowing away from you. This is truly a unique and convenient way to get electricity while you’re camping- and cooking!

Compact Battery Packs

Sometimes the simplest answer is best, and compact battery packs are definitely the simplest way to get some electricity while you’re out camping. These battery packs are small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to use.

All battery packs work fairly similarly and can produce enough electricity to charge your devices during a camping trip. You simply charge up the device before your trip and then bring along charging cables to use with your devices once you get there.

The downside to these devices is their electricity output. They really can’t do much more than charge your phone or laptop.

For those of you who want to bring along a bigger appliance such as a coffee maker or hairdryer, you’ll need something with more power than this.Still, if all you’re looking for is an easy-to-use device that can charge your devices, then compact battery packs are a great option.


Compact Battery Packs

This Pilot X7 Portable Charger is a great battery pack to bring along on your next camping trip.It has 4 outputs and is compatible with most devices. The Pilot X7 Portable Charger can charge to full in just a few hours and comes with a small travel pouch.

It’s a classic compact battery pack that won’t add any extra weight to your pack while providing you with invaluable access to electricity.

Crank Lights With USB Port

Perhaps you’re familiar with generators and compact battery packs as a means of accessing electricity while camping, but have you ever heard of crank lights that have USB ports? This is an awesome invention that takes an older form of generating electricity and merges it with modern-day technology by including a USB port for charging your devices.


The best of these devices is definitely this LED Lanterns for Power Outages. This device can be charged in 3 different ways; through a USB cable, a solar panel located on the top, or by a crank handle located on the bottom.

If you’re out in the wilderness and your battery pack dies or your generator runs out of gas and you need some electricity, then this LED Lantern is the way to go!

camping electronics

The main light will work for 35 hours on a full charge, and the flashlight will work for 30 hours.

You can charge your device with the USB port and use the lantern to see around your campsite in the dark. This is truly a great backup to bring along just in case your other electricity-providing device fails,

This LED lantern is practically weightless and folds easily so you can carry it without you without needing to make extra room in your pack.

If you’re in an emergency and your lantern isn’t charged, all you need to do is work the hand crack for 10 minutes and you’ll be rewarded with 30 minutes of light.

“For all its benefits, this device isn’t something you should rely on by itself.”

It won’t be able to charge your devices as many times as other sources discussed in this guide, and it absolutely won’t work for anything stronger than charging a cellphone.

Still, it’s a small and lightweight device that’s easy to store in your pack and could be life-saving in an emergency.

Use Your Car

This method to get electricity while camping won’t help those of you who enjoy venturing deep out into the wilderness and leaving your car behind. However, if you’re parked not far from your campsite then this is an easy way to get some electricity while camping.

All you need for this is an adaptor like this Fast Car Charger. It’ll plug into your car’s cigarette lighter, on older models, and give you the ability to charge up your devices.

In newer cars, it’s even easier because they often come with USB ports specifically meant for you to charge your devices.

This is a great way to get your phone, laptop, or camera back to full so you can resume your outdoor adventure worry-free. The downside to using your car for electricity while camping is that going to your car can break you out of the camping mentality.

You’ll also want to be careful not to do this too frequently, or leave devices charging for days at a time. It can drain your car’s battery unless you turn the car on each and every time.


You can’t talk about how to get electricity while camping without discussing solar power. Solar power has become way more common in recent years, and for good reason. It’s the easiest, most affordable, and eco-friendly way of generating power that’s on the market today.There are a ton of solar-powered charges available today, and many of them have made huge strides to become more user-friendly.


This Solar 20000mAh Power Bank Waterproof Portable Charger is the perfect option to get electricity while camping.

When you bring along a solar-powered battery pack on a camping trip, you want to be sure that it can survive the conditions you’ll be experiencing. That’s why this charger is such a great choice.

It’s 100% waterproof and has a durable exterior that will prevent it from being damaged.

camping electronics

This device comes with a USB output, battery status indicator, protection cover, solar panel, compass, and a flashlight! Those are some handy features that most battery packs don’t offer, and could make all the difference on your camping trip.

It’s perfect for charging smartphones, laptops, led lights and lanterns, tablets, and cameras. It also comes with a USB cable so you have a backup method for charging it.

This solar charger is the perfect device to bring camping with you. It’s got great extra features that will be useful to campers, such as a flashlight and compass, and can charge a wide range of devices.

The only downside to bringing along a solar-powered battery pack is that you’re relying on sunshine to keep it charged. Overcast and rainy days can mean a day without electricity, which is why it’s always important to bring along a backup.

Water Wheel Charger

If you’re the type of person who likes to find the most unique solutions to a problem, then you’re going to love this idea!

Water wheels and turbines have been used for centuries to generate electricity, and there are now smaller versions of these designed for campers and hikers so they can charge their devices while out in the wild.These awe-inspiring devices use the power of water, and occasionally wind, to generate enough electricity for you to charge your devices while on an outdoor adventure.


This WaterLily Turbine USB Charger is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts who want to get electricity while camping. It’s compact and weighs less than 3lbs! The WaterLily charger uses the power of water and wind to generate electricity so you can charge up whenever you need to.

camping with power

This powerful device is able to charge smartphones, tablets, GPS, battery banks, and more. It’s an incredibly durable device that can withstand winds up to 55mph and water currents up to 6.8mph.

It’s a truly amazing device that’s designed to continuously run for 24hrs a day. You can rotate the devices that you need to charge throughout the day without worrying about the WaterLily running out of juice.

“As long as it’s in the water or wind then it will keep charging!”

It’s a great eco-friendly option in place of solar power because you’re not reliant on bright, sunny days to be able to charge your device.

If the water currents and the wind slow down then there’s also an optional hand crank that comes along with this device you can use as a backup.

This is a great option that won’t add much weight to your pack or take up much space and is perfect for campers who like to get out on the water.

You should definitely consider bringing this along on your next outdoor adventure!

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of ways to get electricity while camping. Traditional methods such as crank lights and water wheels have been improved and modified for modern-day use with some amazing new devices.

There are also the classic, reliable generators to look into, and compact battery packs that will keep your devices charged for up to a full week. Solar power is a great option for those who will be camping on bright, sunny days, and you can always use your car if you’re out of other options.

There’s no limit to the ways you can get electricity while camping. Go out and try a new device, yo =u might find a new favorite!

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