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Best Hiking Fanny Pack With Water Bottle Holders


If you've ever gone out hiking in the backcountry, you can tell dehydration is one of the challenges hikers face while transcending across the mountainous terrains and hinterlands.

You see amblers carrying heavy rucksacks on their backs to store all the water they'll need to keep themselves hydrated.

I like to think of waist packs with water bottle holders as the best alternative to carrying a rucksack around.

And we're not talking about generic waist packs here. I've tested some of the best products on the market so that you can save yourself the dilemma of choosing the apt one. Jump To Best Options!

If you are in a hurry I would recommend the Waterfly Fanny Pack  as it is multipurpose, sturdy with bottle holders, and budget-friendly as well.

What is a Hiking Waist Pack with Water Bottle? Why You Need One

Conventional waist packs are known to have the main pouch and smaller inner compartments in which you can store items such as food, cards, keys, smartphones, etc.

With hiking waist packs, you get an extra pocket on the outside, one which helps in holding water that’ll keep you hydrated all through your journey.

The worst thing you can do to yourself as a hiker is not to carry enough water. And this is where waist packs come in as some have two separate holders for your water bottles.

Moreover, what’s the point of carrying a big bag when all you’re ever going to need for your journey to the next campsite can be stuffed into something you can comfortably strap to your waist? It’s a no-brainer really.

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Quick answer:

Best Fanny Pack With Water Bottle Holders

Check out this quick list of our favorite TRUCK CANOPY tents if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-Waterfly Fanny Pack Waist Bag

2-YUOTO Waist Pack

3-Labeol Running Water Bottle


1-Waterfly Fanny Pack Waist Bag

fanny pack water bottle holder

Coming first on the list is one of my favorites as it has pretty much everything going well for it.

First thing you’d notice when you hold this waist pack is its water-resistant nylon fabric, which makes the bag even more durable.

Most importantly, it can keep the bag dry when hiking in light rainy conditions.

Speaking of bottle holders, this waist bag has two, and it is perfectly designed to hold water bottles measuring 3.1" in diameter.

What if you brought your canine friend to hike alongside you? This pack has got you covered as it has two holders on the sides and in which you can stuff enough dog snacks for the day.

Comfort is one thing I highly consider when picking a waist pack, and the Waterfly Fanny Pack is not lacking in that department either. .

Highlight features

Adjustable strap: size ranges from 23.22” to 55.91”, with option for an extension strap in case the in-house strap doesn't fit you. You can buy this as an extra

Separate compartments: six in total, with an extra one that can hold a 7.9” iPad Mini. Other compartments can hold a host of other items

Durability features: there's Anti-friction, wear, and water-resistant, as well as a breathable backside. You won't have to worry about the pack wearing off any time soon.

Wide Application: can be used for not only hiking, but dog walking, travel, running, and a plethora of other outdoor activities.


  • Very roomy with compartments to store all important items
  • Comfortable on the body and hands-free
  • Easily adjustable
  • Can be taken off and worn back almost effortlessly
  • Available in different aesthetic colors


  • Might have difficulty fitting in extra long water bottles
  • Bottle holders could be wider to allow fitting in with one hand

Reason to get this: Best OVERALL!

2-YUOTO Waist Pack

fanny packs water bottle holder

A simple yet elegant waist pack, YUOTO Waist Pack has grown to become a hikers' favorite over the years, and this is evident in the number of sales it's raking in popular e-commerce stores.

If you’re on a tight budget, this is one of the waist packs that you should consider.

But its affordability doesn't mean it's riddled with derelictions; the backpack is, in fact, a true value for money given all the features it comes with.

First, the waist pack houses a durable water bottle holder with a maximum capacity of 750 ml/ 27 ounces, which is enough to hold a typical hiking water bottle.

And I like that you’re provided with a fastening strap that can be tightened at the top to attenuate shakiness when you’re out hiking in the boondocks.

One notable perk of this pack is that you’re guaranteed a 12-month warranty should any quality-related issues arise.

Even more, you can get a refund within 30 days if you're not satisfied with the quality, but I bet you'd never need that.

Highlight features

Multiple pockets: You’re provided with three functional ones for carrying your items, as well as a separate phone pouch to fit in any phone with a maximum of 6.5” screen. 

Security: a 3M reflective stripe material is present on the pack for increased visibility in lowlight conditions, enabling you to be seen by other hikers in the dark.

Sufficient size: The pack is adjustable from 25 to 50 inches, allowing you to fit the pack to your waist in the right size.


  • Well constricted with plenty of space for personal items
  • Fits in my water bottle perfectly 
  • Don’t bounce and never comes loose while running
  • Comfortable to wear


  • The strap may prove short for persons with a rather large waist
  • Synthetic suede that lines the pocket takes some time to clean

Reason to get this: Very Comfortable!

3-Labeol Running Water Bottle

hiking waist pack with water bottle holder

The design of the Labeol Running Water Bottle came off beauteous on first impression.

It has a triangular shape which makes it fashionable when tightened to my waist. Male and female hikers alike swear by this waist pack.

What makes the pack stand out, however, are its extra security features, which should beef up your safety albeit subtly.

One of these is its anti-theft zipper buckle that makes accessing the contents of the pack a tad difficult.

Speaking of water bottle holders, this pack has one as well. The holder feels sturdy and can fit in water bottles of up to 750ml, just like the YUOTO Waist Pack.

Lastly, the inner pockets design is just the perfect storage you need for your smartphone, keys, energy gels, etc. It fits them all excellently.

Highlight features

Comfort & Security: Ergonomic design for comfort, as well as a water-resistant fabric for rainy conditions. The pack comes with all the needed materials for comfort and security.

Reflective Strip Design: designed into the top of the water bottle holder, this reflective strip allows the pack to beam at night and makes you visible to other hikers should you run into any danger

Extra Straps: Strap for lashing bottles tightly and prevent falling. You won't have to worry about the bottles falling off when you're hitting the ground at a rapid rate.

Adequate Bottle Holder: comes with a 750ml maximum bottle water capacity. It will fit in standard hiking water bottles and even contain bits of dog snacks.


  • Fits perfectly for plus- listening to music
  • Highly fashionable
  • Can hold any time smartphone firmly
  • Few security bells and whistles


  • Mostly ideal for 500ml water bottles
  • The conches could be improved

4-Skywoo Running Belt Waist Pack

waist pack with water bottle holder

If you're a hiker who can see through the journey to the next campsite without carrying all the items in the world, this is the perfect waist pack for you.

It fits and blends with the waist so perfectly that you'd mistake it for a mere waistband.

Be that as it may, the pack’s compactness doesn’t mean it’s not packing a punch. One of its features, which I find particularly handy and relieving for dog lovers, is the special hook design.

This feature allows you to attach your dog's leash to your waist, thus allowing you to run hands-free and with enough freedom. Brilliant!

Most importantly, the waist strap is elastic and can fit on hikers of different sizes. Heck, you even get an earpiece hole through which you can pass the wires and prevent them from snapping off.

While this pack can’t contain every item in the world, it’s still enough to carry the essentials such as keys, wallets, phones, cards, money.

Highlight features

Adjustable Holder: The water bottle holder on this one has an adjustable elastic loop for different bottle sizes, which allows you to keep your bottle tight during exercise and prevent shakiness

Handy Hook Design: the pack has a metal pull ring for attaching a leash to your dog or cat. This allows you to walk hands-free and without having to control your pet's movement continually.

Well-designed compartments: various pockets for fitting in different types of items, from smartphones to keys, cards, and even wallets.


  • Pockets are big enough for a pro max iPhone variant
  • Strong enough for a full bottle of frozen water
  • Phone screen doesn’t get scratched when stuffed in the bag with items like keys
  • Water can be accessed easily without having to stop for some seconds
  • Bottle holder can also hold sunglasses


  • Can’t fit in phones with bulky protective cover
  • Takes a day or two for the chemical odor to neutralize after unpacking

5-Bp Vision Outdoor Fanny Pack

fanny pack water bottle

I like to think of this waist pack as an all-rounder when it comes to features. Not only does it pack a punch, but it is also the ideal add-on for male hikers who want to have a serviceman appearance.

The grey + black color variant can help you achieve this.

Appearance aside, the pack features two detachable shoulder and back straps, which you can tighten over your shoulders to the waist to provide a firm grip.

On the inner sides of the pack is a quality, breathable mesh lumbar padding that provides comfort in the waist region.

When it comes to the water bottle holders, this pack has two like the first two products mentioned.

These holders are firmly attached to the pack, which itself is large enough to contain various items.

In addition, the pack has two side zipper pockets, as well as three front zipper pockets.

Highlight features

Comfy Design: The waist pack has a medium size of 11*5*6 inches. And it's adjustable on the waist from the range of 28 to 50 inches. It will suffice for subtly plus-sized hikers.

Three Methods for Carrying: Pack can be carried in three ways: you can carry it conventionally on your waist, on your shoulder using the shoulder strap, or on your back using the provided backpack strap.

Durable Materials: Water-resistant nylon for protection against the rain, as well as a breathable mesh lumbar for giving 

100% Guarantee: You're provided with a 12-month warranty and 30 days refund policy upon purchase


  • Safe for hiking near water as it protects items inside against moisture
  • Big enough to carry various items, including an iPad mini
  • The Cross shoulder strap that comes with it provides great comfort
  • Lightweight for its size


  • Nylon materials are not the toughest but are pretty durable

6-KEESPENCE Hiking Fanny Pack

waist water bottle holder

If you're looking for a proper waist bag with a water bottle holder as a mere add-on, this is your go-to waist pack.

The KEESPENCE Hiking Waist Pack veers from the conventional design of waist packs and, instead, gives you something that feels like a proper waist bag.

The bag is tall, and in contrast with having the bottle holder on the sides, you have it on the front here.

While this is a brilliant design, it can be a problem if you're carrying a big water bottle as it will continually brush your thighs as you walk or run.

However, if you’re carrying a medium-sized bottle, this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker.

If you’re worried about comfort, don't fret. This waist pack is suitable for a waistline between 23” to 46”.

As if that’s not enough, there’s also a D ring for a dog leash, a reflective strip for visibility at night, and an anti-fall elastic band for your bottle.

You can never go wrong with this waist pack as its perks are too many for the value it provides.

Highlight features

Enlarged front-placed water bottle holder: Bottle holder is designed into the pack's front and is large enough to contain a big bottle, as well as some dog snacks

Waterproof nylon and soft lining: for that extra little bit of security and comfort. The compartment is impenetrable by water, and the coziness of the materials on the skin is great

Pet Leash Attachment: A unique D-shaped buckle design for canine friends. All you have to do is attach one to the park and you're free to walk hands-free

Dedicated earplugs hole: a small opening on the pack through which you can pass your earphone wires from inside the bag


  • Tall and big
  • Great fit for different waist sizes
  • Buckles are very easy to attach yet feel very sturdy
  • Lightweight and very comfortable
  • The water bottle has its own separate straps


  • Tablet-sized devices are better placed in other compartments than in the provided phone pouch

7-VUWISH Running Belt Fanny Pack

waist water bottle holder

I’ve got a thing for simple, compact waist packs, particularly because of their lightweight and the extra bits of comfort they provide when walking or running.

While they can’t carry as many items as their bigger alternatives, they should be sufficient still if you’re only going for a short hike.

Frankly speaking, there’s nothing this pack offers that blows the other waist packs reviewed so far out of the water.

It houses the same earphone hole design, the same reflective strip for visibility at night, as well as a similar water bottle holder design.

However, the fact that you’re getting all this at a much lower price with this pack makes it worth considering.

And to think the manufacturers barely made any compromises with the lycra fabric materials quality despite this is laudable. 

Highlight features

Sufficient Compartments: Four separate pockets in total. The main pocket is only big enough for items such as your smartphones, while your keys, cards, and money can go into the other three. 

Premium lycra fabric and metal zippers: Soft and breathable materials for maximum comfort, as well as sturdy, long-lasting zippers that'll last the toughest of conditions

4.3-inch main pouch: You can stuff in a lot of items here, including keys, cards, and smartphones.

Adjustable Holder: the water bottle holder is adjustable, allowing you to tighten the bottle to your waist based on its size.


  • Easy to slide in phone and bring out with one hand
  • So lightweight that you forget you’re wearing while hiking
  • Flat against the waist and easy to clasp on and off


  • The compactness and flatness may be a problem for hikers with protruding bellies
  • Water bottle holder fits the down half of most bottles and, therefore, isn’t suitable for long bottles

8-Sroben Running Fanny Pack

best fanny pack with water bottle holder

If the KEESPENCE Hiking Waist Pack reviewed earlier already tickled your fancy to the point that you’re already considering it, you might want to consider this one as an alternative.

The Sroben Running Fanny Pack has a similar design and aesthetics to the former, with a few bells and whistles added to position it as an ideal waist pack for hikers.

One of this pack's standout features is its abrasion-proof material, which the manufacturers promise to withhold scratches from a screwdriver to keep the pack looking new at all times.

I wouldn't try this though. It's just a nice assurance knowing that this feature exists.

The main pocket has two zippers, allowing you to close the bag in the middle rather than the sides.

Most importantly, the water bottle holder also has a one-button buckle that holds the bottle firmly and prevents it from slipping.

Highlight features

Waterproof Layer: A strong waterproof layer is present to deter sweat and rain from penetrating the bag and damaging its contents. The waterproof layer on this one is concentrated and is designed to specially protect your items

Ideal for Plus-sized Hikers: it's adjustable from 24.4” to 50.0” waist size to allow the right fit on your body

Hand Bag Style: It has a hand strap at the top, which allows you to carry it in your hands like a bag. Alternatively, you can also harness the hand strap to hang the bag inside your tent when you're not using it


  • Can be worn across the chest, carried on the hand, and strapped to the waist
  • Big enough to carry smartphones and midsize tablets
  • Lightweight with sturdy zippers
  • Wear-resistant


  • Other than the main pouch, other pockets are rather small and can’t hold a lot of things

9-VISCNE Outdoor Fanny Pack

waist pack with water bottle holder

The VISCNE Outdoor Fanny Pack is yet another product you can count on to hold your water bottle firmly and secure items you'll need while running an ultra.

The package comes with not just the waist pack, but a shoulder strap and backpack strap as well.

You can harness the backpack strap to carry the pack on your waist if you feel a little discomfort in your waist, while you can use the shoulder strap to carry the pack across your chest for stylishness.

While you’ll hardly need a refund service, it’s relieving to know that this product has one. There’s a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as a 12-month warranty.

Lastly, like all the waist packs reviewed so far, this one doesn't come with a bottle either. Why would anyone expect one to start with.

Highlight features

Extra straps (shoulder and backpack straps): Allow you to change how you carry the bag if you're tired of wearing it on your waist. The backpack strap works very efficiently in this regard

Wear-resistant nylon and breathable mesh lumbar: Quality materials that'll see the pack last through harsh conditions. It's also very comfortable when worn on the skin 

Two water bottle holders on the sides: If you’re the type who gets dehydrated quickly, this pack has your back as it houses two bottle holders for storing all the water you’ll need


  • Great value for money
  • Shoulder straps are very functional and helpful
  • Looks pro and expensive in appearance
  • Using the backpack style is helpful when carrying water in the two water bottle
  • holders as its more comfortable on the back


  • The straps appear many, with some being seemingly unnecessary
  • Buckles are not the strongest

10-Waterfly Waist Bag

fanny packs with water bottle holder

The last product on the list of best hiking waist packs with water bottle holders is yet another waist pack from the company Waterfly.

The company is revered for consistently churning out good products.

What does this waist pack offering from them do differently? It beefs up on the features on other packs mentioned so far.

For instance, the two water bottle holders cannot only store water but can hold dog snacks as well.

Likewise, the fully adjustable waist strap range from 23.22” to 55.91”, which should be long enough for chubby hikers.

While this waist pack isn’t the cheapest, it provides true value for the money paid. It's also made of water-resistant nylon and is friction and wear-resistant.

You have nothing to worry about when it comes to durability.

Highlight features

6 Separate zipper compartments: You get three pockets inside and the other three outside. Interestingly, this pack’s usefulness doesn’t end with hiking

Top-notch Materials: Breathable backside from sturdy mesh material, as well as Water-resistant nylon, wear-resistant, and anti-friction properties

Multifunctional and Sufficient: You can wear it to walk your dog, cycle on the open streets, and even wear it to a gym. Also, there are two water bottle holders with 750ml capacity, as well as a water bottle holder moutth for tightening to the pack


  • Plenty of space in other pockets to keep valuables
  • Holds water bottle steadily enough
  • Provided elastic top helps tighten the bottle


  • Continually hit my hand against it when hiking
  • Clipping together takes some getting used to

Other Consideration

When picking a hiking waist pack with a bottled water holder, I like to consider comfort above anything else.

Given this, one of the things you need to prioritize is the material a waist pack is made from, as this is what defines how well it rests on your skin, especially if you're wearing a crop top. 

In addition, the following is a list of essential features you should look out for when shopping for a hiking waist pack with a water bottle holder:

1. Multiple straps – handy for carrying the pack on not just your waist, but across your shoulders and on your back as well

2. Waterproof – although rarely as effective as claimed by most manufacturers, it’s still relieving to know that you have that little bit of protection should water try to penetrate the items inside your pack

3. Bottle Holder Capacity – depending on the water bottle size you already have, it’s important to ascertain if the pack you’re getting can contain it

4. Waist Size – most waist packs range between 25” – 50” in waist size. Ensure yours fall in between and that it comes with an adjustable strap

5. 100% satisfaction guarantee – a product can't satisfy every person out there regardless of how stellar it is. Knowing this, it's safe to opt for a product you can return should there be anything you're not satisfied with. Thankfully, most waist packs on the market have a refund policy.


When picking a hiking waist pack with water bottle holder, ensure to confirm its size as some products come in variations of small, medium, and large.

More importantly, don't deliberately dip a waist pack into water with the thought that it's water resistant. You can't bank on this as some waterproofing materials are average at best.

Lastly, you can broaden your options by choosing a color that'll match with your hiking outfit. Most of the waist packs come in different colors.

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