October 19

How Big of a Backpack Do I Need?

If you are planning to buy new pack for backpacking, you may ask yourself how big of a backpack do i need?

In this blog post we give all the information you need to choose the right size.

There is a multiple factors to determine how big of backpack you need.

Knowing how to choose a backpack for your adventure can be somewhat stressful. There’s a wide range of backpacks options out there, making it overwhelming for beginners and experienced backpackers alike.

The three main factors you should consider is the following:

  • how long you’ll be out?
  • What type of activity will you use it for?
  • What weather conditions will you use it in?

Once you’ve figured that out, Now you can decide on the best size for you. 

let’s get started.


0-15 Litres (One day-good for short activities like running and cycling)

These types of packs are very light and good for Fast-paced activities, they usually balance weight around the body and include hydration sleeves and ports for using with hydration bladders. This capacity is big enough for a bottle of water, some snacks, minimal emergency kit and light.

20-40 Litres (Daypack-good for hiking and backpacking)

These daypack are good for hiking and thy can fit all your essentials like, waterproofs, snacks, map, warm layers, food, water, and a small amount of safety equipment for a full day out, these types of packs tend to be ultralight and comfortable, so you will not feel any heaviness.

50-60 Litres (Multi-day pack-good for 2-3 days Backpacking trip)

These types of packs are good for long hike or if you’re planning for 2-3 camping trip which require you larger capacity pack and more support, that will allow you to put extra clothing-food and more, Not only that.

But it’s also designed to be more comfortable to carry with a heavy load, These packs are generally better padded and have more substantial hip belts.

60-85 Litres (7 Day+) (heavy duty pack-good for extended trips)

These packs are good for 5 days or more or extended trips, (Larger packs can more comfortably accommodate extra clothing, a warmer sleeping bag, tent, An 60-85 Litres backpack gives you all the capacity you need for a longer trip, but remember don’t carry more than you really have to and comfort is key to Enjoy You’re trip.

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