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How To Keep A Tent Cool In The Summer?

For most places in the country, summer is probably the best time to do some Camping done. Clear, sunny skies, vacation time, and long daylight hours can all mean a great, full day spent on the outdoors.

but sometimes summer can be too hot and almost feel like the worst possible time to go outside, let alone Camping.

That doesn’t mean you can’t camp during these times; you just have to be a little more prepared. And that’s why we’ve developed these 12 simple ways on how to keep a tent cool in the summer.

How To Keep A Tent Cool In The Summer?

How To Keep A Tent Cool In The Summer?

Even on hot summer days, camping is a great outdoor experience. Yet, if it's hot outside, your tent may get too hot. You still, however, have many methods for making your tent cool.

Let's have a look at some of the greatest ways to stay cool when camping in the summer.

1-Pick the proper camping tent

  •  Size and weight: Summer camping trips usually involve a bit of hiking. After all, you’re probably going to have to walk a fair bit of distance from the car to your campsite. What you want is a tent that’s easy to carry, compact and lightweight.
  • Weatherproofing: You don't have to worry about rain or snow in the summer, but you will have to deal with the intense sun, humid temperatures, and dampness. A decent summer tent will keep you safe from both of these dangers. Some all-season tents would provide protection for other seasons.
  • Interior space: It's critical to have sufficient room inside whether you're alone, with a partner, or with children. While you'll likely to spend most of your time outside of the tent, you'll need to make sure that  you doesn't feel cramped inside if you want to sleep peacefully, Check out these tents with stove jacks if you're seeking for a tent where you can cook inside.
  • Storage: A nice tent will provide you enough room to store your luggage and other Personal belongings. You won't lose your phone, keys, or other valuables this way.

2-Set your tent in a shady/quit place

How To Keep A Tent Cool In The Summer?

If you want to stay cool, set up your tent in the shade rather than in the sunshine. Between trees and other plants, "look for cover".

If you're looking for a tent, choose one with a mesh layer so you can keep the doors and vents open for longer. Also, choose a tent with vents because it will be cooler.

Another "tip" is to set up your tent in a way that the wind blows directly into the mesh openings. This, paired with open windows during the day, will keep the interior cool.

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3-Bring A Fan

How To Keep A Tent Cool In The Summer?

Battery-operated portable fans create a soothing breeze that lasts all night. Lightweight, quiet, portable, and able to connect to the tent's floor, wall, or ceiling, a good camping fan is essential. Because you'll be using it in close quarters, a fan with foam blades is an excellent idea.

You'll never leave home without a portable fan once you've experienced the benefits of having one, You’d be surprised how fast a fan like this one will cool down your tent at night.

4-Place a Blanket Under Your Tent

keeping your tent cool

As it receives the sun's rays, the ground naturally heats up. This heat can flow up into your tent, increasing the temperature inside.

A blanket on the ground might help keep the heat retained beneath your tent. Place your tent on top of the blanket and pitch it.

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Your hot breath and body heat rise and condense on the inside of your rainfly at night. If the weather forecast predicts no rain, removing the rainfly allows all of the moisture in the hot air to escape through the tent's top. This can make a big difference in keeping cool during the summer.

A tarp or sun cover will not retain heat or moisture if it is placed far enough above your tent. Rainfly are especially susceptible to trapping heat since they wrap your tent. 

6-Use Heat Reflection trap

Reflective tarps  will reflect the sun heat away from the tent's surface, which allow the interior to stay cool.

You could make a sunshade out of a reflecting trap. Place them on the top of your tent's ceiling or tie them to surrounding trees, leaving enough space between the layers for air to pass through them.

This will keep the sun out of your tent and reduce the amount of heat that enters it.

7-Comfortable Clothes

Wear light, breathable clothing with moisture-wicking characteristics. On particularly hot days, Cotton will keep you cool while still providing enough warmth on those nights when the temperature drops quickly from high heat to chilling cold.


How To Keep Cool In The Summer?

Your body need a lot of water and When the weather is hot, your body will lose almost a liter of water every hour, so you'll have to do your best to balance and stay hydrated.

Be sure to bring more water than you think you’d need – and remember to sip often. Under most conditions, your body can only efficiently absorb about a half-liter of water every hour and in many cases chugging a bunch of water at once can actually do more harm than good. Remember – if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated.

9-Use A Cold Towels

Bring a couple hand towels with you if it's too hot outside. Soak a towel in cold water or lake or river water for a few minutes. On a hot day, draping a towel across the back of your neck can provide instant relief.

Place the cold cloth on your forehead at night to help you chill down and sleep in a tent that may still be retaining some of the heat from the day.

10-Take a Cold Shower

Shower with cold water for a few minutes can  reduce your temperature and act as an internal air conditioner for a short while, helping you to relax and sleep more comfortably.

11-Stay Away From Dark Color clothing

Because dark surfaces attract the sun's rays, it's best to dress in light colors for your summer tent camping trip. By reflecting some of the heat, this will help you keep cool during the day. It's also a good idea to stick to materials like cotton or linen, which release the heat and allow your body to breathe.

choose clothing that is generally white, loose-fitting and breathable. These pieces cover more of the body to protect against sunlight. 

12-Take Down The Tent During The Day

During the day, if the weather is really hot. While it may be annoying to have to re-erect your tent every day, it will keep your tent from becoming an oven. Tents are made to hold heat, so if you leave it up, it will become hotter and hotter.

Take your tent down in the morning and set it back up in the evening, This is one of your best methods to stay cool if you're camping in very hot weather.

Thanks for reading and happy camping!

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