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Best Hiking Lumbar Packs With Shoulder Straps


Are you trying to find the best hiking waist packs with shoulder straps? Great, then you are just at the perfect place.

Finding the best hiking waist pack might be tricky considering the vast number of options that you have.

So, to minimize your confusion and doubts, in this article, we will be talking about the best hiking waist packs with shoulder straps. But before we dive into it, let's talk about waist packs and their perks. Jump To Best Options!

What is a waist pack?

A waist bag or waist pack or fanny pack is a small pouch made out of fabric that is worn like a belt around the best. Waist packs generally have a buckle-like feature to secure the straps above the hips.

Some waist backs also have shoulder straps for distributing the weight more properly. The shoulder straps and waist straps can also be easily adjusted according to your convenience.

They are generally used for holding small or valuable objects during outdoor trips. It is also called a "bum bag" or "buffalo pouch" in different areas.

What are the perks of using a waist pack?

Waist packs can help you a lot in many different ways. Besides being a convenient storage utility, it also has several medical applications.

Many people who suffer from back pain often find it difficult to carry heavy backpacks which can place unbalanced pressure on the spine. A small waist pack or fanny pack will help a lot in distributing the weight and will decrease the pressure on the spine.

"Also, due to their small and convenient size, the weight is kept light as well."

A waist pack also gives your upper body and torso more mobility while walking climbing or running by decreasing the resistance on each side of your body.

Using shoulder straps with your waist pack makes you feel even lighter and more comfortable. If you want to wear it as a crossbody bag, it will also give you similar results.

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Quick answer:

Best Hiking Lumbar Packs With Shoulder Straps

Check out this quick list of our top 3 favorite HIKING WAIST PACKS if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-Sport Fanny Pack With Shoulder Straps

2-AFFINEST Hiking Fanny Pack

3-ENGYEN Fanny Pack Waist Bag

Best Hiking Lumbar Packs With Shoulder Straps

1-Sport Fanny Pack With Shoulder Straps

lumbar packs with shoulder straps

Starting at no.1, there is Sport Fanny Pack, Waist Bag with With Shoulder Straps.

The product dimensions are 12.48 inches x 9.65 inches x 3.03 inches and have a storage capacity of 10L.

It comes with 2 extra shoulder straps having 3 different ways to carry i.e waist back style, using the shoulder strap, and backpack strap.

The fabric is tear-resistant, lightweight, and made of nylon. The nylon fabric is waterproof and has a soft lining and can be washed very easily.

It is multi-functional and there are two separate mesh pockets for keeping your water bottles.

It features a large and spacious main pocket and other side zipper pockets to keep your stuff separated. Also, it's available in a wide range of colors.

Highlight features

Portable hand carries design: The waist pack has a large bearing capacity and is versatile and multi-functional as well. It has a main compartment and other outer compartments along with additional water bottle holders.

Extra shoulder straps: The shoulder straps are fully adjustable and the unique design straps ease the pressure on your waist and back. 

High-quality design: Made with high-quality and durable nylon. The fabric is water-resistant and has a soft lining for ease of washing. It has a fully weatherproof structure and is ideal for all sorts of outdoor activities.


  • Can fit a lot of different items
  • Straps are lightweight and easy to adjust
  • Super versatile and multi-functional design


  • Design is not lightweight

2-AFFINEST Hiking Fanny Pack

Best Hiking Waist Packs With Shoulder Straps

Moving on to no.2, AFFINEST Hiking Fanny Pack With Shoulder Straps for Men Women Waterproof Outdoor Waist Bag is an all-purpose and versatile waist pack. It has dimensions of 11 x 5 x 6inches.

It is very lightweight and ideal for activities like camping, jogging hiking, riding, hunting, fishing, and many more. The shoulder straps are long and fully adjustable and they can be used as a shoulder bag as well.

The waist pack is made of breathable and fully waterproof nylon fabric and the design is anti-friction and wears resistant.

The shoulder straps can be adjusted from 70-132 cm and have good ventilation to keep your shoulders dry. It features multiple pockets and has dual water bottle holders.

Two exterior front and side pockets are zipper locked which keeps your stuff safe.

Highlight features

Adjustable and comfortable strap: The waist pack has a unique design and the straps ease the pressure on the waist. It comes with a long and adjustable strap and can be used as a shoulder bag.

Multi-pockets: Perfect for holding multiple accessories including mobile phones, keys, wallet, and other gear. 2 exterior front and 2 exterior side pockets keep your stuff separated.

High-quality material: Manufactured from breathable waterproof nylon fabric which is anti-friction and wear-resistant. The water-resistant materials also keep your belongings safe from raindrops and sweat.


  • Lots of different storage compartments
  • Perfect for holding a lot of weight
  • Has good ventilation


  • Not fully waterproof

Reason to get this: fully waterproof!

3-UNISTRENGH Hunting Camo Fanny Pack

lumbar packs with shoulder straps

Moving on to no.3, let's talk about the UNISTRENGH Hunting Camo lumber Pack With Shoulder Straps. It has dimensions of 11.02''L × 9.06''H × 1.97''W and is super lightweight weighing only about 0.5 kg.

With a removable shoulder harness, the waist pack can easily change into a small size backpack.

The bag is super comfortable to carry and is made of waterproof velvet (velveteen-like fabric) along with breathable sandwich mesh.

It features 5 zippered front pockets and 1 main pocket for keeping your accessories separated and safe.

The buckles are made out of plastic and can withstand high amounts of stress and strain. The waist sliding adjustment system can quickly adjust to their comfortable state.

Highlight features

High-quality material: Made from waterproof velvet (velveteen-like fabric) along with thick breathable sandwich mesh. The waist pack is very lightweight and suitable for hiking and camping.

Multipurpose use: Adjustable and removable shoulder harness gives you different ways to carry. Simply convert it to a waist pack by removing the harness allowing you to adjust to your comfortable state.

Different storage compartments: Features 5 exterior zippered pockets and 1 interior zippered main pocket. The different compartments make your belongings more organized and easy to get.


  • Should straps distribute the weight effectively
  • Very convenient and lightweight
  • Ideal for all types of outdoor activities


  • Quality could have been better

4-ENGYEN Fanny Pack Waist Bag

ENGYEN Fanny Pack Waist Bag

Going next to our no.4 spot, we will be talking about ENGYEN Fanny Pack Waist Bag for Women Men, running packs gear.

The dimensions of this waist pack are 8 × 5.5 × 4.5 inches and have adjustable belts for extra support. It's extremely lightweight and has multiple carrying options.

The waist pack is made of water-resistant and durable high-quality materials. The waist strap can be easily adjusted between 21.5 to 47 inches. The design looks good and the shape prevents the bag from feeling bulky.

It features a total of 3 zippered pockets and a water bottle holder to keep your stuff organized. The waist pack is made of reflective material which prevents heat exposure and keeps you cool and dry.

Highlight features

Durable and water-resistant: The waist pack is made up of durable and high-quality materials which are water-resistant and fully breathable. The shoulder straps are comfortable to wear and have proper ventilation.

Excellent design: The careful construction prevents the bag from feeling bulky. It fits properly and stops the waist pack from bouncing while running or exercising.

Multiple pockets and compartments: Includes 4 separate zipper pockets out of which 3 exterior pockets can be used to keep your cell phone and accessories. The main pocket is larger in size and the waist pack comes with a water bottle holder.


  • Can easily be made as a crossbody bag with the included strap
  • Comfortable and super easy to adjust
  • Handle on top makes it easier to carry


  • The water bottle holder is not large enough

5-VISCNE Outdoor Fanny Pack

VISCNE Outdoor Fanny Pack

Coming to no.5 on our list, there is the VISCNE Outdoor Fanny Pack Hiking Fishing Waist bag 2 Water Bottle Holder Lumbar Pack. The dimensions are 11×5×6 inches and are super lightweight weighing only 0.5 kilograms.

This waist pack comes with 2 extendable shoulder straps and can be carried easily in 3 different ways.

It is made of wear-resistant nylon and has a strong and durable structure. The comfortable and lightweight waist straps can be adjusted from 28 to 50 inches.

It features two water bottle holders that can hold 25 oz bottles very easily. This waist pack has three exterior front zipper pockets and two exterior side zipper pockets to keep your stuff separated and organized.

An added feature is that it comes in a wide range of colors and the company also offers extended waist best if you need one.

Highlight features

Medium size and lightweight: Outdoor lightweight and practical waist pack to carry enough water and gear for a day. The waist strap can adjust 28 to 50 inches and water bottles can accommodate a diameter of 2.9 inches.

Multipurpose use: Comes with 2 extra shoulder straps which give you 3 ways to carry by using the shoulder strap and backpack strap or just as a waist back. 

Innovative design: Made with wear-resistant nylon, breathable mesh lumbar, and has dual water bottle holders. 3 exterior front and 2 side zipper pockets help you to organize your stuff.


  • Comfortable and lightweight straps
  • Has plenty of room and a bunch of pockets
  • Features two water bottle holders


  • The durability of buckles could have been better

Reason to get this: perfect for all seasons

6-TOP-UP Multifunctional Water Resistant

TOP-UP Multifunctional With Shoulder Straps

In our no.6 spot, we have the TOP-UP Multifunctional Water Resistant Outdoor Waist Pack Backpack. The item package dimensions are 11.2 x 8 x 3 inches and weigh 0.48 kilograms.

This versatile bag can be used as a waist pack, shoulder bag, or backpack with an adjustable and removable strap.

This waist pack design is very compact and the fabric is made up of high-quality nylon which is resistant to damage. The belts are soft and comfortable and have good elasticity for extra support.

Also, it features side mesh pockets for carrying a water bottle. The waist pack is water-resistant and has zipper-locked compartments for storing multiple items.

It also features a ventilation channel between the waist pack and your bag for added comfort.

Highlight features

Different ways of use: Perfect for outdoors and can be used and carried in different ways. It could be used as a waist pack, shoulder bag, or backpack with adjustable and removable straps.

Comfortable design: Very lightweight to carry and has soft and comfortable belts with good elasticity. It is made up of nylon and the fabric is fully water-resistant and convenient to use.

Large capacity with ventilation: Features zipper locked compartments and dual water bottle holders. Also, it has a ventilation channel between the waist pack and the back which keeps you cool and comfy.


  • Very comfortable and convenient to use
  • Includes a wide range of compartments
  • Has zippers for secure storage


  • Water bottle holders are smaller in size

7-Passionlay Fanny Pack 10L 

Passionlay Fanny Pack 10L

Coming to no.7 on our list, Passionlay Fanny Pack 10L with Shoulder Straps is your best companion for hiking, jogging, and many other occasions.

The dimensions are 9 × 4.1 × 6.2 inches and weigh around 0.5 kg. This waist pack can be carried in 4 different ways including chest bag, waist bag, backpack, and shoulder bag.

It is made out of 100% high-quality nylon and is very lightweight and waterproof as well. The adjustable waist belt ranges from 28 to 50 inches and has 2 water bottle holders on both sides.

One pocket can easily put 600ml and has an adjustable belt to prevent shaking. This waist pack uses a thick foam pad to keep you dry during hot days and has interior mesh zippered pockets for full security.

Highlight features

Different ways to carry: The waist pack comes with a shoulder strap giving you 4 different carrying options. It can be changed into a waist bag, chest bag, backpack, shoulder bag at your will.

Safe and breathable: On the backside, the hiking waist pack uses a thick foam pad to give you a sweat-free experience. Also, it has an open cover design which makes it easier to find things.

10L lightweight bag: Has 10L storage space and weighs only around 1 pound and features three separate zipper pockets to hold your gear. It also has dual water bottle holders with adjustable belts to prevent shaking.


  • Strong shoulder straps allow easy carriage
  • Scratch-resistant design
  • Has two different water bottle holders


  • Not fully waterproof

Reason to get this: Best for value

8-Waynorth Hiking Waist Bag with Shoulder Straps

Waynorth Hiking Waist Bag with Shoulder Straps

In our no.8 spot, we have Waynorth Hiking Waist Bag with Shoulder Straps. The overall dimensions of this waist pack are 15.7 × 8.6 × 4.7 inches and the design is heavy duty and highly durable.

It features two extra shoulder straps giving it 4 different ways to carry such as a handbag, backpack, shoulder, and waist bag.

The waist pack is made of nylon along with superior mesh material and an internal sponge pad. It is soft to wear and the backside is breathable and keeps your shoulders dry all the time.

It is designed with 2 mesh pockets on both sides for your water bottles. It includes an anti-fall elastic band to keep the bottles in place. Also, it features multiple zippered pockets to keep your accessories. 

Highlight features

Breathable backside: Made with superior mesh material and an inner sponge pad, the waist pack is breathable and very comfortable to wear. The design doesn't allow sweat accumulation and is perfect for the outdoors.

Capacious: Designed with 2 mesh pockets on both sides of the waist bag for keeping your water bottles. It features separated and functional pockets to carry plenty of hiking gear and your essentials.

Multi-purpose: Comes with 2 extra shoulder straps which have 4 different ways to carry including the handbag, backpack, shoulder bag, and waist pack designs.


  • Has a lot of room to keep important things
  • Breathable and soft to wear
  • Water bottle holders are very durable


  • Design is not very lightweight

9-Hebetag Canvas Drop Leg Bag

lumbar packs with shoulder straps

In our no. 9 spot on the list, we will be looking at Hebetag Canvas Drop Leg Bag Outdoor Waist Pack for Men Women.

The waist pack is well constructed and has dimensions of 5.9 x 2.4 x 11.4 inches and weighs only around 0.43 kg.

It's perfect for all sorts of outdoor activities including jogging, camping walking, and all kinds of other activities.

It can be used as a drop leg bag, waist pack, thigh bag, crossbody bag, daypack, and many more.

Made of high-quality fabric, this waist pack is suitable for both men and women. It features a main pocket that can fit cell phones and tablets easily.

Also, it has additional mesh pockets for keeping your small stuff.

"This multi-purpose waist pack brings you more fashion sense and happiness to carry it all the time while traveling."

Highlight features

Durable and vintage: Built from top-quality cotton canvas, top-quality zippers, and durable strap clip. The design has a vintage style and is made with excellent workmanship.

Versatile and special size: This can be converted into a waist pack, leg bag, and shoulder bag as well. It is very lightweight and features 1 front top zipper pocket along with a pocket with a cover to keep your things distributed.

Designed for comfort: The waist pack is constructed well and has enough place for carrying your cell phones, flashlights, gloves, chargers, and many more. The bag is also very comfortable and easy to carry.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Plenty of room and comes with a bunch of different compartments
  • Can also be adjusted as a leg bag


  • Sewing quality could have been better

10-Huntvp Hunting Camo Fanny Waist Pack

lumbar packs with shoulder straps

Last, but not least! In our no.10 spot, there is the Huntvp Hunting Camo Fanny Waist Pack With Shoulder Straps. The dimensions are 22.83 x 5.12 x 5.91 inches and weigh only 0.5 kg.

The removable shoulder straps make it easy to carry on in 3 different ways. The waist pack is suitable for outdoor activities including hiking, camping, jogging, and many more.

The waist pack is made of high-quality water-resistant Velvet+thicken Breathable Sandwich Mesh making it extremely durable and heavy-duty.

It features 5 zippered side pockets and one main zippered pocket. The pockets keep your belongings safe and separated.

The design of the waist pack is comfortable and keeps you dry even on hot and sultry days. Also, it has a waist sliding control system for extra convenience.

Highlight features

Water-resistant and breathable: Made with high quality and water-resistant velvet along with thick breathable sandwich mesh. The waist pack doesn't allow sweat accumulation and keeps you dry.

Removable shoulder harness: With the removable shoulder harness, the backpack can be adjusted to multiple carrying options including a waist pack and a shoulder backpack.

Multipurpose use: Ideal for camping, hiking, outdoor travel, and outdoor activities. Waist sliding adjustment allows you to quickly adjust to its comfortable state. Also, the waist pack is super lightweight and weighs only around 1.1 pounds.


  • Well constructed and lightweight shoulder straps
  • Easy to wash and can resist a wide range of temperatures
  • Includes zippers for extra security


  • Not very durable

Other Consideration

We have talked about "best hiking waist packs with shoulder straps". But the term "best" is vague and has a different definition for each person.

So, the most important thing is to know about the key considerations first. In that way, you can decide what works best for you.

Size and weight

First of all, revisit your packing list and carefully look at how many belongings are you planning to carry in your waist pack.

If you have a large number of items, then it's obvious you have to go with a bigger waist pack. However, you should also think about the weight of your pack.

A lightweight one may give you more movement speed but it won't be able to carry too many accessories.

On the other hand, a heavy-duty waist pack may cause you a little discomfort but can carry huge amounts of load without a single scratch.

Water bottle holder and pockets

Staying hydrated is an important part of any outdoor journey. So make sure to always bring plenty of water with you.

If you are planning to venture into a warmer area, it's better to carry a waist pack that has dual water bottle holders. But, if you are simply going for a small walk or jogging, one bottle holder will be enough.

Talking about pockets, let's say you are going on a trip with your friends and family. So, you will bring your ID documents with you in case of any emergency

And it's always better to keep your documents separated so you don't have to dig through your waist pack all the time. That's why having multiple pockets or compartments is very much necessary.

Adjustable conditions

If you are not familiar with waist packs, then there's a high chance you might buy the wrong size.

So, you should always look for a waist pack that has adjustable conditions. In our article, we have talked about waist packs that have adjustable shoulder straps, waist straps, and buckles as well

Consider where you need to adjust the most and then you can decide accordingly.


So, that's it for this review! We have arrived at the end of our article. We hope that we were able to erase some of your doubts and now it will be easier for you to make a decision. Like we say always, the experience of your journey matters the most.

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