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Tent Rainfly: What Is Best?


Planning to get yourself a new rain fly for the outdoors?

Great! But choosing from the wide variety of rainflies available out there often gets difficult and people end up making the wrong choices.

But you don't need to worry because we are always there for you!

That's why in this article we will be talking about what tent rainfly is best for your needs , But before we begin, let's talk about why and when do you need a rainfly. Jump To Best Options!

If you are in a hurry, we would recommend the Unigear Hammock Rain Fly Waterproof Tent Tarp because it is made up of 210D ripstop Oxford and has a PU 3000mm waterproof layer that keeps you dry throughout your camping journey.

This rainfly has a lightweight design which is easier for backpacking and added coating on the outside keeps you protected from snow and harmful UV rays.

Why and when do you need a rainfly?

A rain fly is pretty much what it sounds like! A rainfly is a cover above your tent that helps to protect it from the harsh outdoor elements.

A rainfly keeps you protected from rain, sun, and snow and keeps moisture out of the tent.

Good quality rainflies also prevent condensation keeping the interior dry. In summer times, you only need a rainfly if you are expecting rain soon.

In tropical areas, rainfall often comes suddenly, so you should get a rainfly ready at all times. In drier regions, you can get along without a rainfly but to protect you from the heat of the sun, using a rainfly is recommended.

Most tents come with an in-built rainfly that partially or fully covers the tent but those rainflies don't give you the added convenience of extra space.

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Quick answer:

Tent Rainfly: What Is Best?

Check out this quick list of our favorite rainflies if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-Unigear Hammock Rain Fly

2-FREE SOLDIER Portable Tarp

3-Rain Fly EVOLUTION Survival Camping Tarp


1-Unigear Hammock Rain Fly

Rain fly

Starting from the no.1 in our list, we have the Unigear Hammock Rain Fly Waterproof Tent Tarp.

This rainfly offers excellent protection against rain, sudden downpours, snow, and high winds and is perfect for hammock camping, hiking, backpacking, or any other adventure.

It is made out of 210D rip-stop Oxford which makes it very lightweight yet sturdy and durable.

On the exterior, it is coated with PU 3000mm waterproof layer and the inside is also coated with a PU layer for sun protection.

To maintain a tough and safe shelter all 8 fixed points are reinforced with a triangle dual layer.

This rainfly comes with 6 stakes and 6 ropes which allows you to set it up in different shapes easily.

Highlight features

Full sun and rain protection: Made of super-strong 210D rip-stop Oxford fabric with PU 3000mm waterproof coating and PU inner layer which provides both sun and rain protection.

Multiple uses: Can be widely used as a survival tarp, hammock shelter, outdoor kitchen cover, simple tent, tent footprint, groundsheet, and instant shade. With durable stakes and ropes, you can set up different shapes easily.

Anti ripping and leaking technology: To offer a safer and tougher shelter, all the 8 fixed points on the rain fly are reinforced with a triangle dual layer. Besides, all fixpoints have double-reinforced stitches.


  • Fast and easy to set-up
  • Sturdy design
  • fairly light and compact
  • Amazing value for money


  • Ropes and stakes could have been more durable

Reason to get this: Best Overall!

2-FREE SOLDIER Portable Tarp

Tent Rainfly

Coming to our no.2 pick, there is FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Portable Tarp Multifunctional Outdoor.

This rainfly features excellent protection for continuous stormy weather and the awning is super effective in blocking the UV rays.

Multipurpose rainfly can be used for hunting, fishing, backpacking, hiking, camping, and all other outdoor activities.

Durable and portable rainfly is made of 210T ripstop polyester fabric with 2500 PU waterproof rating which provides full-proof protection.

It is large and 2 people can easily fit in.

This heavy-duty rainfly has a reinforced ridgeline seam that prevents the connector from falling off.

The fabric is puncture resistant and uses heal healing and melting process to prevent leakage. The grommets on the 4 loops are super strong and durable as well.

Highlight features

Weatherproof and UV protection: Made of 210T ripstop polyester fabric with 2500 PU waterproof rating which enhances the shelter's waterproof function and offers long-lasting protection.

Strong and stable: It uses a heat sealing and melting process, well combined with the puncture-resistant fabric which doesn't let water penetrate inside the tent, and a reinforced ridgeline seam prevents the connector from falling off.

Heavy-duty and portable: Large size rainfly which has enough space for 2 people and can be easily folded and put into a lightweight sack for storage and carrying purposes.


  • Keeps the water out completely
  • Nice design and good construction
  • Lots of attachment points that offer flexibility


  • The sewing in the ridgeline is weak and should be used with caution

Reason to get this: Weatherproof and UV protection!

3-Rain Fly EVOLUTION Survival Camping Tarp


Moving next to no.3, Rain Fly EVOLUTION 12x10 Lightweight Survival Camping Tarp.

keeps you cool and dry under all seasons by blocking the UV rays of the sun and stopping the water from penetrating inside the fabric.

It provides shade and shelter and is perfect for outdoor activities like camping, fishing, traveling, or during festivals.

It is manufactured from 210T polyester coated with TPU and Diamond Ripstop offers heavy-duty weather protection.

Rainfly is very lightweight and can also be used as a groundcover or windbreaker.

It's also easy to set up and you need to just clip the carabiners, connect the ropes and you will be all set. And as a bonus, the company has also added a survival bracelet too. 

Highlight features

High-quality fabric: This 12x10 camping tarp is made out of 210T polyester coated with TPU. Diamond Ripstop offers heavy-duty weather protection. You can also use it as a groundcover.

100% water and UV protection: Protect yourself from rain, wind, and snow with this dirt-resistant, waterproof rainfly. Besides protecting you from storms, this rainfly gives shade and shelter from the sun.

Ultralight and versatile: The rainfly itself weighs just 1.5lb and the whole kit comes at under 2lb. Setting up the tent is super easy and it is also easy to clean and maintain.


  • Super easy to set up
  • Stands firm even under winds of 60mph
  • Larger size and more coverage


  • The guy lines are too flimsy and get tangled easily

Reason to get this: Very High Quality!

4-ARAER Tent Tarp Hammock Rain Fly


In the no.4 spot, let's talk about the ARAER  Tent Tarp Hammock Rain Fly 2.2 lbs 3000 PU Waterproof.

It is a high-quality rainfly that protects you from getting wet on your overnight camping or from the midday sun off the beach.

It is suitable for traveling, camping, hiking, trekking or just having a picnic with your friends and family.

It is made from 210T fabric which has delicate sewing and triangle reinforced corners that are tear and puncture-resistant.

This rainfly is extremely lightweight and includes 8 guylines and 4 premium alloy stakes which keeps the tent firm on the ground.

Set up of this rainfly is just a breeze and 9 fixing holes are convenient for adjusting its shape for various outdoor conditions.

Highlight features

Essential Outdoor Gear: Adopt 210T fabric which has delicate sewing and triangle reinforced corners making the tent very durable, and resistant to tears and punctures.

Large but lightweight: Large size of 10X10FT but only weighs 2.2 lbs. The package comes with 8 guy lines and 4 premium alloy stakes and it is suitable for traveling, hiking, camping, fishing, or just for having a picnic.

Easy setup and versatile: The rainfly can be installed within minutes and has 9 fixing holes which are convenient for adjusting its shape. The rainfly keeps you dry throughout your journey and keeps the midday sun off the beach.


  • High quality and lightweight rainfly
  • Made of extremely heavy-duty usage
  • 9 ties help pitch the rainfly in a variety of conditions


  • The waterproof coating could have been better

Reason to get this: Best Of the rest!

5-SAMIT Camping Tarp Waterproof Hammock Rain Fly


Coming to no.5 on our list, SAMIT Camping Tarp Waterproof Heavy Duty Hammock Rain Fly.

Gives you foolproof UV and water protection and gives you a cool, dry, and comfy experience.

It can be used as a rainfly, sun canopy, shade tarp, or beach blanket and is ideal for camping, hiking, and backpacking.

This rainfly is made from 210T ripstop polyester with PU 3000mm waterproof coating making it extra durable, tear, and puncture-resistant.

The inner silver layer provides UV protection from the sun. The corners are upgraded and reinforced which offers more stability. \

Also, the delicate double sewing and grommet embedded in the nylon strap increase its durability. 

Highlight features

Multi-use tarp: Multipurpose tent rainfly can be used as a hammock rain fly, backpack tent tarp, tent footprint, sun canopy, rain tarp shelter, picnic blanket, beach blanket, or camping moisture-proof pad.

Waterproof and has full sun protection: Made from 210T ripstop polyester with PU 3000mm waterproof coating, which makes it extra durable, tear & puncture resistant. Also, the inner silver layer gives protection against UV rays.

Durable reinforced seam: Upgraded triangle reinforced corner offers more stability, delicate double sewing, and grommet embedded in the nylon strap make the survival rainfly more durable.


  • Good, strong fabric
  • loops are adequately stitched
  • Accessories make it super easy to mount
  • Offers heat reflection
  •  water-resistant


  • Waterproofing could have been better

6-Foxelli Rain Tarp – Hammock Rain Fly

rainfly for tent

Lastly, at no.6 we have Foxelli Rain Tarp – Hammock Rain Fly.

The rainfly makes you feel safe and sheltered in any weather environment and has the perfect shape and size to cover any hammock or tent efficiently.

It is perfectly suitable for camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, backpacking, sporting events, festivals, and picnics.

This rainfly is manufactured from Ripstop 210D Polyester and has a waterproof PU 3000 coating.

It offers not only a sustainable rain shield but also a great UV blocking sunshade which also offers good snow protection.

The package includes a double stitched, large waterproof rainfly with strong metal grommets and 4 extra long nylon guylines making the tent more stable.

This lightweight rainfly shelter can be set up easily within minutes, keeping you safe from sudden downpours. 

Highlight features

Best rain, sun, and snow protection: Made of solid yet lightweight, premium quality ripstop water-resistant polyester material which makes a great sustainable rain shield but also has reliable UV and snow protection.

Ideal for multiple uses: This rainfly is a versatile, durable, multi-functional shelter perfectly suitable for camping, hiking, climbing, fishing, backpacking, or sporting events.

Ultralight and easy to set up: With an overall weight of 1.1 pounds, it makes carrying and packing a breeze. The tent kit fits compactly in a small carrying bag, making it ultra-convenient. Also, this lightweight rainfly can be easily set up within minutes.


  • Compact and easy to mount
  • Fully waterproof and keeps you dry under heavy rain
  • Triangular line locks offer better adjustment


  • The actual shape and size could be different from advertised

other Consideration

Whenever we talk about "best tent rainfly", we can't assign the crown of "best" to any particular commodity.

What is best for us might not be best for somebody else. So, to make the correct decision while picking the perfect rainfly for yourself, you must be aware of the key criteria that you need to look up before picking.

Water, UV, and snow protection

For selecting your perfect product, it is necessary to ask yourself some basic questions.

First of all, where are you going? Is it someplace dry or someplace humid? What are the possibilities of rainfall or snowfall? Nowadays rainflies do more than protect you from rain.

They keep you safe from the sun's harmful UV rays and also protect you from fast-flowing winds and even from snow. But, not all rainflies are ideal for all conditions.

Heavy-duty rainflies which are made from nylon or 230D polyester Oxford will keep you protected from all kinds of weather. But these fabrics don't come at a pocket-friendly price.

So, if the temperature in your area is not very extreme, then you can go with 190D or 210D polyester which comes at a relatively cheap price.

Package weight and set up the difficulty

If you are going on a hiking or trekking journey where you need to carry your luggage for long periods, then you have to be very careful of your rainfly weight.

For better protection against the elements, you might want to go with something heavy and strong but excess weight might get uncomfortable as you walk down the trails. If you are not used to carrying heavyweights, you might also experience back and shoulder pain.

So, it's always better to go with a lightweight rainfly.

Also if you are planning to arrive late at your campsite, you should go with something which can be set up within a few minutes since fumbling with the stakes at late night would be frustrating.


For hitting the wilderness, you should be ready to face everything and so should your rainfly. Your rainfly should be able to handle stress and strain and make sure it has high-quality seams.

Most seams are also given a waterproof coating because the chance of leakage is maximum from the seams. Also, make sure the guylines and stakes are made with high-quality materials.

We recommend using aluminum poles because fiberglass poles might be good for setting up tents but for rainflies that are larger and need extra support to stay firm, aluminum poles are better options. 


And again if you are looking for high quality and all-purpose, durable rainfly which is lightweight and protects you from both the sun and rain, you should go with the Unigear Hammock Rain Fly Waterproof Tent Tarp. It features premium quality stakes and ropes which makes it very easy to set up in different conditions.

To keep you and your valuable belongings dry and safe, a rainfly is a great option. Besides rain, your camping tent is also harmed by the sun's rays. Thus, gradually the quality of the tent fabrics degrades over time and the waterproof coating wears off.

Therefore, to protect your tent and other accessories from all sorts of weather, a rainfly is very important. Besides being pocket friendly, it can also be used for multiple purposes.

So, investing in a proper and high-quality rainfly is something that will serve your needs for a long period. That brings the end of our article. We will see you back again in another article at another time! Till then, Cheers!

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