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Best Tents For Boy Scouts


Picking a tent for boy scouts is very different from picking tents for adults. So, your all-time favorite and trip companion bell tent might not be the perfect tent for scouts.

But, what should you do then? How a regular camping tent is different from boy scout tents? Don't worry, we are here to help.

To erase all your doubts, in this article we will be talking about the best tents for boy scouts. But before we jump into our topic, let's talk about the types of canvas tents.  Jump To Best Options!

If you are in a hurry, we would recommend the Giga Tent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent as it is comfortable, durable, and fits perfectly into your budget. The interior and floor are well built and have storage pockets.

Types of tents

1.Pup Tent

These are the smallest and easiest types of tent to transport. Pup tents are very popular and have been used for a very long time. These tents can be separated into several smaller pieces and can last for a long time.

2. Bell Tent

Bell Tent uses a single pole at the center and the outer is attached to the ground with 5 or more tie downs giving the overall structure a "bell" shape.

Many people prefer canvas bell tents nowadays because of their multipurpose usage and ability to be used in all seasons.

3. Yurt Tent

These tents are more complicated to set up. The lattice or skeleton involves a fine network and connection of wood and metalwork.

In earlier days, tribe people used to cover the roof with animal skin to keep the interior warm. Yurt tents are used as semi-permanent shelters in campgrounds.

4. Teepee Tent

The design of the Teepee tents is inspired by the indigenous people of North America. These are very portable and can be quickly packed up and moved to new sites.

Teepee tents are also very easy to assemble and disassemble and give you a comfortable and cozy shelter.

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Quick answer:

Best Tents For Boy Scouts

Check out this quick list of our favorite BOY SCOUTS tents if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Tent

2-Stansport Scout 2 person Tent

3-Night Cat 2 person  Backpacking Tent

4-Coleman Sundome Tent

5-AceHiking 2 & 3 Person Camping Tent


1-GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Tent

Best Tent for Boy Scouts

Starting from the no.1 tent on our list, GigaTent Cooper Boy Scouts Camping Tent is an extremely lightweight and versatile tent.

The interior footprint is 5×5 feet with a height of 36 inches weighing only around 1.1kg.

It is very easy to set up and has a single room with one door and one window.

The tent is made of high-quality coated polyester and the fly fabric protects against ultraviolet damage.

The poles are made with fiberglass and can withstand huge amounts of stress.

They are shock-resistant and very durable. The floor of the tent is made with water-resistant materials as well.

Also, it features interior storage pockets and is fully insect-proof. There is no see-Um mesh or windows on the roof and the whole package comes with a convenient carry bag.

Highlight features

Compact and cozy design: Features one door, one window, and the tent packs to a compact 24 × 4 × 4 inches. The tent is waterproof and the fabric provides ample airflow 

Durable poles: Strong and shock-corded fiberglass poles provide strength and durability to the tent structure. The poles are made for rough usage and have pole clips that stabilize the tent.

Interior storage pocket: The fabric of the tent is made with high-quality polyester and has a no-see-um mesh roof and windows. It has interior mesh storage pockets for your accessories.


  • Very lightweight and insect-proof
  • Super easy to set-up
  • Includes a storage bag


  • Fiberglass poles might erode with time

Reason to get this: Best OVERALL

2-Stansport Scout 2 person Tent

Best Tents for Boy Scouts

At no.2 we have the Stansport Scout 2 person Backpack and Camping Tent. The dimensions are 7 x 5 x 3 feet and have a large floor space of 29 square feet.

The overall weight of the package is 1.68 kg making it super lightweight and convenient to use. The design is compact and very easy to set up.

This camping tent is made up of 8,000-millimeter-rated, polyurethane-coated nylon while the floor is made of rugged polyethylene.

It features two steel poles with ropes and stakes and also meets the CPAI-84 fire retardant specifications.

It has an A-frame design that protects you from rain and wind while the mesh door screen allows great ventilation and visibility.

The floor keeps you dry even during bad weather and it doesn't come with see-um mesh doors protecting you from bugs.

Highlight features

Sturdy and lightweight: This 2-person A-frame tent is set up very quickly with two sturdy yet very durable aluminum poles. The tent has a lightweight structure and comes with a convenient carry bag.

Suitable for throughout the year: The three-season design makes it suitable for throughout the year usage. The polyurethane-coated upper fabric and polyethylene-coated floor keep the tent firm in all weather conditions.

Ventilation panels: A-frame design sheds the tent from rain and wind and allows airflow throughout the tent. You will also keep bugs away with no-see-um mesh door screens.


  • Good for all seasons
  • Lightweight and easy to setup
  • Comes at a very affordable rate


  • Quality could have been better

Reason to get this: perfect for all seasons

3-Night Cat 2 person Backpacking Tent

Tents for Boy Scouts

Moving on to no.3, there is Night Cat Backpacking Tent for One 1 to 2 Persons Lightweight Waterproof Camping Hiking Tent.

The tent dimensions are 16.5 x 4.7 x 4.7inches and have an overall weight of 2 kilograms.

The pegs and guylines are durable and keep the tent stable during windy days.

Made of 210D Oxford fabric, this tent is super lightweight and the fiberglass poles keep the tent sturdy at all seasons.

The tent is fully waterproof and you will find waterproof tape at every seam.

It has double-sided zippers and has enough room for one person with lots of gear.

Also, it features an inner pocket on the bottom that can hold small things and a hook at the top for keeping your backpack or light or fan.

Highlight features

Lightweight and compact: The backpacking tent only weighs 2kg and the package size is quite compact. The fiberglass poles are foldable making them ideal for backpacking and hiking.

Waterproof and windproof: Made up of 210D waterproof PED fabric and the bottom is built from PU 3000, oxford which keeps the tent dry and sturdy. Strong fiberglass poles ensure stability even under strong winds.

Enough room for 1 person: Has an open size of about 7.2 x 4 x 4 feet which is very roomy for one adult. You can easily fit a single-person air mattress or one individual sleeping bag inside.


  • Very easy to set up and super fast to take down
  • Fully waterproof design and keeps away bugs
  • Lightweight and easy to carry


  • Poles are not good for long-term usage

Reason to get this: fully waterproof!

4-Coleman Sundome Tent

Tent for Boy Scouts

Coming to our no.4 spot, let's talk about the Coleman Sundome Tent.

The tent dimensions are 7 x 5 feet with a center height of 4 feet and weigh 3.4kg.

It has done structure that is easy to transport and simple to set up.

It has an adjustable ventilation system that controls airflow and also comes with a privacy bent window.

The tent is made with high-quality polyester mesh 75D fabric and the floor is built from polyethylene.

The flysheet is made up of tent polyester taffeta 75 denier flysheet which can stand rainfall and strong winds.

The corners are welded and the seams are inverted and the tent can stand 35+ mph winds. It features interior gear pockets with electrical access ports

Highlight features

Exclusive WeatherTec system: Built from Polyester mesh 75D, the inner tent is built to last and has full-proof weather protection. Also features a carry bag with separate storage bags for tents, poles, and stakes.

High-quality design: Besides outer fabric, the floor of the tent is made from polyethylene and the easy two-pole setup design has strong and shock-corded poles for added resistance and durability.

Properly ventilated space: It features a vented cool-air port that controls airflow. The interior has a gear pocket and electrical access port and comes with a privacy vent window.


  • Easy setup with continuous pole sleeves
  • Can be used in different seasons
  • Has built-in storage pockets


  • A ground tarp needs to be placed at the bottom as the bottom is not torn resistant

Reason to get this: interior gear pockets with electrical access ports!

5-AceHiking 2 & 3 Person Camping Tent

Boy Scouts Tents

Moving to our next pick, at no.5, we have AceHiking 2 & 3 Person Camping Tent For Boy Scouts.

The overall interior tent dimensions are 88.6 x 53.1 x 43.3 inches and have enough room for 2 people with ample gear space.

The overall package is super lightweight and heavy-duty and weighs only about 2.5Kg.

The backpacking tent is manufactured from 210T Polyester rain fly PU 3000, 210D Oxford groundsheet & bathtub with PU 5000 Coating.

There are waterproof tapes on every seam and use the hot glue process for extra durability.

The poles are made up of aluminum allow which is easier to carry than fiberglass poles along with providing more stability.

The tent doors are 2D shaped with dual zippers and 2 vestibules which provides good ventilation.

Highlight features

Lightweight and compact: This ultralight 2 person tent weighs only 2.5 kg and has a very compact package size. It is easy to pack in a backpack and has enough spacious room for a good night's sleep.

Waterproof and durable: Double layer was designed for the backpacking tent; provides stronger resistance to harsh weather. The outer durable PU 5000 Coating lasts 3 times longer than regular tents.

Breathable and very stable: The high-quality poles are made from 7001 series aviation aluminum alloy which is lighter than fiberglass poles. The 2-D shaped doors have dual zippers with 2 vestibules for added comfort.


  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Lightweight and very easy to setup
  • Very comfortable design


  • Zippers are not heavy-duty

Reason to get this: Best for value & Perfect For All Seasons!

6-Sutekus Tent Camouflage Camping Tent

Best Tents for Boy Scouts

Standing at no.6 spot, Sutekus Tent Camouflage Patterns Camping Tent for boy scouts is a round-shaped tent suitable for camping or hiking.

The tent dimensions are 78.7 x 59 x 33.5 inches and have a package weight of roughly 0.9 kg.

The tent is very compact and easy to set up and can be easily put into your backpack.

Made of 180D Oxford, the tent is very comfortable and convenient to carry.

It features two strong and durable poles made of high-quality materials and comes with needed tent stakes and carry pouches.

The fabric of the tent is UV coated and is fully waterproof and weatherproof.

It has a top cover made of polyester which can be removed to expose the mesh top. The side mesh doors provide excellent airflow as well.

Highlight features

Durable and high quality: The tent is made from 180 D Oxford making it heavy duty yet extremely lightweight and weighs only 0.9 kg. The two poles are built from fiberglass and can stand the pressure.

Additional top cover: The tent features an additional top cover which you can remove and see the blue sky above. Also, it is adopted a further mesh top at the entrance.

Good ventilation: Top mesh vent and both sides mesh doors provide excellent airflow. Also, it comes with tent stakes and carries pouches and it can be easily packed in a backpack.


  • Can withstand storms
  • Comes at an affordable rate
  • UV cut coated fabric is adopted


  • Material quality could have been better

Reason to get this: very Easy to Set-Up! 

7-River Country Products Trekker Tent

 Tents Boy Scouts kids

At the no.7 spot, River Country Products Trekker Tent 2.2, Two Person Trekking Pole Backpacking Tent has an A-frame and is a freestanding and lightweight tent.

It is 7 feet long, over 5 feet wide, and 42 inches high and offers more room than most other ultralight tents.

It is very easy to set up and take down and also super easy to expand.

The tent is made up of PU-coated polyester which is water-resistant and can withstand strong winds.

All the seams are factory taped. It comes with 8 ultra-light aluminum stakes and a carrying bag for convenience.

It has large mesh sidewalls along with side vents making it almost a full 2-layer tent.

The large side mesh vents reduce condensation and give more airflow.

Highlight features

PU coated polyester: The fabric is PU coated and is windproof and weatherproof. Seams are also factory taped which gives them added strength and durability. Mesh walls also reduce condensation and provide added airflow.

Large mesh sidewalls: It has large mesh sidewalls and side vents making it almost a full 2-layer tent. It has more room than any tent in the ultralight category.

Enough room for 2 people: The tent comes with 8 ultra-light aluminum stakes and a carrying bag. The tent structure is water-resistant and has enough space for two people to stay comfortably.


  • Lightweight and super easy to carry
  • The floor is very durable
  • Super easy and fast to set-up


  • Not fully weatherproof

8-KidzAdventure 2 in 1 Kids Tent for Camping 

Tent For Scouts

Moving to our no.8 pick, there is KidzAdventure 2 in 1 Kids Tent for Camping / Kids Play Tent Indoor.

This lightweight kids tent is great for carrying around and the tent dimensions are 6'7 x4'x40 inches.

It is ideal for 1-2 people and is good for boy and girl scouts.

The tent is made from Water resistant 190T polyester fabric with silver coating along with waterproof 210D Oxford bottom.

It also has basic rain protection and UV protection.

The tent has a lovely design and makes it a great play tent for indoors and a camping tent for outdoor.

Also, it features two poles EZ system making it a great pop-up tent for kids.

It also has a proper ventilation system and can be carried around easily as well.

Highlight features

High-quality materials: The tent fabric is made from 190T Polyester with silver coating and the bottom is 210D waterproof Oxford. It is a space-saving tent and it is fully water-resistant and also features a large rainfly.

Dual-purpose camping tent: Easy to set up tent can be used both for indoor and outdoor purposes. It features 2 Poles EZ setup system which makes it a great pop-up tent for kids.

Lightweight and adventure theme: The overall pack is extremely lightweight and features lovely characters of little forest bear, campfire, compass, and camping lantern and the kids will love to live with these cute friends.


  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor usage
  • Comes with a large rainfly to protect from rain.
  • Super compact packing


  • Design is not a very heavy duty

9- Aggregator Trekking Pole Tent for Backpacking

Tent for a Boy Scout

Standing at no.9 spot on our list, we have the Underwood Aggregator Trekking Pole Tent for Backpacking.

The tent dimensions are about 7 x 4 x 3 feet and the overall weight is only 1.4 kg.

It is suitable for all three seasons and can be easily pitched by 1-2 persons without any experience.

The fabric of the tent is manufactured from 210T Polyester + 150D Oxford and the fabric also has water coatings of PU 5000mm.

The stakes are made up of aluminum and give the tent a sturdy structure.

The tent also features factory-sealed seams with dual-layer fabric to keep the interior dry.

Also, it has double-layer doors and two large vestibules to store your valuables.

Highlight features

High-quality fabric: This is a 210T Polyester tent with PU 5000 coatings making it extremely heavy-duty and sturdy. The fabric is dual-layered the seams are dual-sealed for added protection.

Mesh doors with excellent ventilation: Two mesh doors provide excellent ventilation to eliminate condensation worries. It has two-way zippers which provide convenient entry and exit and save you from insects.

All season usage and multiple erecting options: Made with watertight and quality materials making the tent perfect for all weather conditions. The tent also offers various erecting options with erecting with two trekking poles or hanging top guy lines to the trees. 


  • Features two-way zippers for convenient entry and exit
  • Lightweight and very easy to setup
  • Fully waterproof and durable


  • The quality of seam stitches could have been better

10-CAMEL CROWN Camping Dome Tent

Best Tents for Boy Scouts camping

Last but not least, it's time to talk about CAMEL CROWN 2/3/4/5 Person Camping Dome Tent.

This ultralight tent has dimensions of 83 × 81 × 53 inches and the overall package weight is not more than 3.5 kg.

It has optimized ventilation and works well as a very convenient 3-4 person tent and is also considered as one of the most spacious tents in the market.

The tent material is built from polyester with 210D Oxford cloth at the bottom making it quick-drying, windproof, and fully water-resistant.

Talking about tent poles, it has 8.5MM glass fiber as the support rod which keeps the tent stable and prevents the bracket from further moving.

The top is double layered and has breathable screens which keep insects out and promotes air circulation inside the tent.

Highlight features

Durable and heavy-duty: Made with high-quality polyester and 210D Oxford cloth at the bottom. It uses 8.5MM glass fiber as the support rod and also has 8 iron ground nails to increase stability.

Spacious room and easy to install: The interior is large and can fit 3-4 people very well. Also, it can be set up in less than 5 minutes and features a carrying bag for carrying it anywhere.

Breathable fabric: Double layer dual-purpose design on the top with external insect-proof breathable screens. It promotes air circulation inside the tent while you can enjoy the lovely outside view.


  • Spacious room and easy to install
  • Compact size and easy to carry
  • Dual zippers and interior mesh pockets for convenience


  • Not fully waterproof

Other Consideration

We talked about "best tents for boy scouts" in our article. But, in reality, the term "best" is vague because we all are different and will surely have different opinions about any particular thing. So, to pick the perfect tent for yourself, you should know the key considerations beforehand.

Size and weight

First things first! Think about how many people will be using the tent. If you have more people, then you will need more number of tents or large size tents.

Instead of buying a large number of tents, it's better to buy a single large size tent which will save you a lot of camping space and money as well.

Also, you need to look at the package weight of your tent. For boy scouts, make sure that the tents shouldn't be too heavy or it will be difficult for the kids to carry them for long distances.

Shape or type of the tent

In our article, er have talked about different types of tents. The most common types are A-frame and dome-shaped. Both have their pros and cons.

A-frame tents promote better air circulation and give you a free and breathable experience while also being very easy to set up.

However, these tents don't offer much protection when it comes to rain or wind, or even insects.

Dome-shaped tents, on the other hand, have better protective qualities. They are generally more durable and will keep you protected from rain and dirt.

Some tents also come with interior storage pockets for more convenience. The downside is dome tents are not as breathable as A-frame tents.

Setup methods

As tents for boy scouts, whatever tent you choose, it must be easy to set up.

But, you might have noticed by now that different tents require different methods for setting up.

Some tents require more effort and if not set up properly might fall even under a slight breeze.

Make sure that the tent poles are made up of durable materials. Also, look at the quality of the ropes and guylines of the tent.

If you are unsure about any particular thing, look at the reviews. That will give you a clear idea and will help you to make your decision.


We have arrived at the end of our article. We have tried our best to give you an idea about tents for boy scouts and we hope that this information will be beneficial for you.

Don't forget to check out the other articles you are interested in. We will see you back again in another time with another article. Until then, we wish you a happy and safe journey.

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