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Best Winter Tents With Stoves


Are you in the search for the best cold weather tents with stoves so you can have a warm and cozy camping experience even in winters?

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about camping in winter is that if it is too cold outside, it can get very uncomfortable to sleep at night, and we need to light a fire.

But when you are inside the tent, it will be useless to light a fire outside the tent. You can't do it inside either because it's not safe. Hold on…I have got the perfect solution for your problem!

You need a tent that is equipped with a stove jack. That way, it is much safer, requires even less effort to keep the tent, and you can even use the stove to prepare food of your choice.

There are a lot more benefits of having a cold-weather tent with a stove.

If you are in a hurry, I recommend the Russian Bear Hot tent with stove jack as it is effortless. It is spacious, has a good ventilation mechanism, and can be a great value for your money.

Keep reading as this article is a detailed guide on the best cold weather tents with stoves.

I will discuss how effective cold weather tents can be, and along with that, I will also tell you about some crucial features that you need to consider while buying a cold weather tent with a stove. 

How are cold weather tents with stoves different from other tents? 

One of the major differences between a regular tent and a stove tent is that the stove tent has a setup that perfectly suits the stove.

The cold weather tents with stoves come with polycotton or a canvas. It also has a hot fuel pipe that leads outside. It works like a chimney.

Note that any regular tent made for winters is not safe for a stove, and you cannot install a stove inside every tent.

Once you get a cold-weather stove tent with a stove jack, you can keep the inside of the tent very warm no matter how cold the weather is outside.

Even at -30 degrees, it will give you a very warm and comfortable environment to enjoy.

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Quick answer:

Best Cold Weather Tents With Stoves

Check out this quick list of our top 3 favorite TENTS WITH STOVES

if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-Russian Bear Hot tent with stove jack

2-Whiteduck Avalon Bell Tent with stove

3-Unistrengh Large Luxury Tent with stove

Best Tents With Stoves

1-Russian Bear Hot tent with stove jack

winter tents with stove

The Russian bear hot tent with stove jack is among the most commonly used tents with a stove inside them.

It is huge and provides enough room for 5 people.

The outer layer of the tent has a beautiful wood camouflage design on it. It is a double-layered tent that is waterproof as well. Once you get it, it will resolve all your problems related to harsh cold weather.

As it is very big, it comes with two windows and two entrances which not only provide passage but also aid in ventilation.

The installation process of this beautiful round tent is very easy. It pops up from the middle part like an umbrella and is ready for use. The material that is used n the tent is oxford.

A high-quality medium-sized stove is provided with the tent. The heat-resistant ceramic walls of the stove helps in providing superior heat emission and easy control over the wood that is burning.

Not only that, the chimney is made from high-quality aluminum, which makes it very sturdy that it has no effect from harsh winter winds on it.

Highlight features

Warm floor: It is easy to heat the inside of a tent when you have a stove burning inside. But what about the floor. It can be very uncomfortable if the ground temperature is very low. But thanks to the double layer of this tent and the additional warm floor that is warm even in extremely low temperatures.

Quick and easy to install: Installing a tent has never been this easy and quick. Although the size of this tent is huge, it is very easy to install. You just need to pop it from the middle and attach the pegs for fixing, and it is ready to use.

Very spacious: If you are with your family or a group of friends, this one would be the perfect one. It is stable and provides space for about 5 five people. Buy it, and you will never have space issues in your tent anymore.

High-Quality stove included: This package includes a high-quality stove and all the parts that are needed to install the stove. You don't have to buy anything extra. The stove is medium-sized, and the walls are made from high-quality heat-resistant ceramic. It is very easy to manage and set up.


  • Double layer
  • Waterproof
  • Retains heat
  • Windproof


  • a bit Heavy

Reason to get this: Best tent with stove Overall!

2-Whiteduck Avalon Bell Tent with stove jack

cold weather tents with stoves

Whiteduck Avalon bell tent with stove jack is a luxury tent with a camping capacity of 6 and a glamping capacity of 3.

It provides a spacious living space of 13 feet or 4 meters.

To accommodate 6 people, you will also need good ventilation as well.

For that purpose, this tent comes with 10 windows, which helps in providing you with a very comfortable and airy environment.

Whiteduck tent is a canvas tent with a center height of 8 feet and 2 inches and a wall height of 3 inches. This premium quality luxury tent is both water-resistant and fire-resistant. The weight of the tent is 76 ounces.

It is suitable for all 4 seasons and has mesh doors and windows. The canvas of the tent is waterproof and has a rain cap on top which protects you from heavy rain and snow.

The built-in trove jack of the tent makes installing a stove inside the tent much easier and safer.

The double-stitched seams and reinforced corners of the tent make it more sturdy and durable.

You also get a toolkit bag and a storage bag in the package.

Highlight features

Premium Material: The tent is made from premium quality material that is 100% cotton. It is very sturdy and shockproof. It won't easily get affected by harsh weather such as heavy winds, rain, and even snow.

Heat resistant stove jack: The built-in stove jack inside the tent is coated with silicon. It makes the stove jack resistant to heat, so it won't get burnt even if it comes in contact with an extremely hot item. Hence, this tent is very safe for burning a stove inside it.

Spacious and durable: This premium tent provides space for 6 people if you want to use it for camping. However, if you want a luxurious experience with other things such as furniture, it is suitable for 3 people. This bell-shaped tent is resistant to shock and harsh weather, and you won't get affected no matter what the outside condition is.

Maximum ventilation: You get a total of 10 windows on this tent. All of them are covered with mesh to improve breathability. You also get two vents on the top part of the tent. The doors of the tent are also covered with mesh.


  • Perfect center height
  • Roof vents
  • Freestanding
  • It comes with an electric outlet and pocket organizer.


  • No warranty

Reason to get this: Best for value!

3-Unistrengh Large Luxury Tent with stove jack

cold weather tents with stoves

The Unistrengh large luxury tent has a diameter of 4 meters. It is a spacious tent with double doors.

You get a stove jack inside the tent.

Around the stove hole, there is fire-resistant material as a safety precaution. If the pipe gets hot, it will not result in damaging the tent at all due to the fire-resistant material.

You also get a sturdy covering over the tent that covers the pipe hole when you are not using the stove. This tent is relatively large and provides occupancy for 6 to 8 people.

If you want to enjoy a luxurious experience in the tent, you can have a camping bed inside it along with some other appliances, and you won't face space issues at all. You also get a cable hole on the tent.

The material of the tent is pure cotton and is treated, which makes it waterproof from the outside. The windows and the sidewalls of the tent can be rolled up for ventilation in warm weather. It is suitable for all types of weather.

Highlight features

Spacious: The Unistrengh large luxury tent is very spacious, and you can set up different floor plans according to your needs. If the beds are set up properly, they can even accommodate 10 people. You can floor the recommended floor plans of the tent.

High-Quality frame poles: The poles of the tent have a diameter of 16mm. These poles are galvanized steel tubes. They won't rust or get damaged even in a humid environment.

Waterproof groundsheet: The groundsheet of the mattress is made from high-quality ripstop PVC, which makes it last way longer as compared to any other groundsheet. It is waterproof, so you don't have to worry about the ground getting wet. The groundsheet can be zipped up with the walls of the tent for more safety and insulation.

Taped double stitches: The stitches of any ordinary waterproof tent are the points from which water can enter the tent. This waterproof tent has double taped stitches so that no water can enter the tent, and you are fully relieved in the rain and even snow. This feature makes it much more durable as well.


  • Mosquito net on windows
  • Easy to set up
  • Durable
  • Water repellent coating


  • Available in beige color only

Reason to get this: Best of the rest!

4-OneTigris Iron Wall stove Tent

winter camping tents with stove

OneTigris Iron Wall stove tent is a very lightweight tent with a stove jack.

The inner mesh wall of this tent is removable. The outer layer of the lent is made from 20D SIL Nylon which makes it waterproof and sturdy.

The OneTegris tent comes in OD green color only and is ideal for backpacking as it can be folded into a compact form and installed easily within a few minutes.

This tent is suitable for 1-3 people. It is a triangular-shaped tent and is suitable for 4 seasons.

Moreover, the weight of this tent is around 1900 grams which is the best considering the fact that this is a lot of space inside it. It has a zipper opening on one side.

The inner material used in the tent is mesh.

It makes the tent breathable. It has 2 windows at the top part. You get an opening at the top for the stove pipe whole.

You also get a choice to remove the mesh of the tent, so there is more ventilation in case the weather outside is hot. This layer separates you from the stove and woods.

Highlight features

High-quality material: The outer material of this is 20d silicone-treated nylon fabric which makes the tent waterproof, and it is not affected by heavy winds, rain, and fight. The inner mesh separation is also very good quality and it won’t rip easily.

Space and extra sturdiness: The dimension of this tent is a bottom diameter of 10.5ft (3.2m) with a height of 5.2ft (1.6m). It has a heptagon design, and these poles of the tent get reinforced at the top, which makes it withstand much more harsh weather.

Lightweight and easy set up: Being only 1.9 kgs and suitable for 3 hikers shows that this tent is extremely lightweight. Not only that, but it is also perfect for backpacking as it can be folded easily and then reinstalled with much effort and time.

Stove jack and ventilation: It supports excellent ventilation as you get two windows at the top. You get stove jack installation options for the tent, as there is a chimney opening to let the hot fuel air out of the tent. You will have to get a stove jack, and a stove will not be included in the packing.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy to set up
  • Inner half mesh included


  • Available in one color only

5-Ozark Trail North Wall tent With Stove Jack

Winter Tents With Stoves

If you do not like the regular round or bell-shaped tents and want something that looks much like a big room, then this one is for you.

The Ozark trail north fork outdoor wall tent comes with a stove jack and can provide enough space for 10 people. Surprisingly, this huge tent weighs only about 0.69 kgs.

This is a hanging-type tent and is very easy to set up.

The fabrics used in this stent are Polyester and PVC. Canvas like polyester are used in the top outer covering of the tent. The flooring is made from high-quality ripstop PVC.

You get a 5-inch diameter stove jack in the tent that can be zipped up and covered when not in use.

The outer side of the tent has hanging gear storage pockets so you can keep your gear organized, and it does not take space inside.

The poles of the tent are adjustable, which is very convenient if the ground is uneven. It comes with heavy-duty guy lines, making the tent much more stable.

The eave flaps of the tent channel the rainwater downwards, so water does not remain on the roof of the tent.

Highlight features

Easy set up: The tent is very stable and has an eave flap that gives it extra stability. The poles of the tent are color-coded, which makes setting up much easy. It is lightweight, and you can set it up within a few minutes without much help.

High-Quality material: If heat is produced inside the tent, the material needs to be high quality. Otherwise, it will last much less as compared to any ordinary tent. The polyester covering is similar to canvas and is sturdier. The flooring is made from PVC material which is ripstop and won't tear.

Heavy-duty guylines: As this tent is a hanging type, the guylines of the tent must be heavy-duty to withstand the effects of harsh winds. The guylines provided with the tent are heavy-duty and reliable.

Cover for stove jack: You can cover up the stove jack of the tent when you are not using it. For that, a cover is already attached that can be zipped up effortlessly to close the jack.


  • Easy to set up
  • Maximum heat retention
  • Good ventilation
  • Extra storage pockets


  • No warranty

6-PlayDo 4-season camping cotton canvas tent

canvas winter tents with stove

PlayDo 4 season cotton canvas tent is similar to the White duck Avalon canvas bell tent.

This is the tent you get multiple premium quality size options varying from 3 meters to 7 meters. You can choose the size depending on the number of people who will use the tent for camping. This tent is waterproof and heavy-duty.

Besides camping, you can also use this tent as a garden space for your children. It also has a power cable inlet that can be used to run appliances. It is suitable for all 4 seasons.

The outer part of the tent is made from 300 gsm cotton fabric. This high-quality fabric makes the tent water-resistant and resistant to light, moderate wind, rain, and even snow.

The stove jack makes the tent ideal to be used in winter as you can safely install the stove and enjoy the warmth inside the tent.

In summers, you can open the zippable windows and let the cool breeze pass through the tent. Furthermore, the tent manufacturer promises to deliver it to you within 10 days if you are in the United States.

You also get a carry bag along with the tent, which is very helpful if you have to carry it across distances.

Highlight features

Stove hole covering: There are times when you do not want to have a stone inside your tent and want the stove hole to be covered. It can be a hard task if the tent does not have a covering. This tent has a very durable and high-quality covering for the tent whole. Once you cover it, no water can get inside the tent from the hole.

Sturdy SBS zippers: In this tent, you get sturdy SBS zippers that are used in the windows door and the vent. You can zip up the floor of the tent to the walls. This way, there is a lesser chance of escaping heat.

Breathability: In the 3 meters variant, you get 4 windows and two vents on the top of the tent. These help in making the tent much more breathable and ventilated. You will not feel suffocated inside the tent even when there are more people and the stove is also burning.

Size choices: You can choose from a number of sizes that the manufacturer provides. All of the tents sizes are of the same material and high quality. Whether you choose the smallest variant that is 3 meters or the biggest one that is 7 meters, the quality of the tent won't differ.


  • Waterproof
  • Lightproof
  • Quick delivery
  • Heavy duty


  • Available in white color only

7-Danchel Outdoor 4 season Yurt Tent

winter tent with stove jack

If you think that a single stove is not enough for you and need a tent that supports two stoves, then the one is for you.

The Danchel Outdoor 4 season yurt tent comes with two stove jacks, i.e., one on each side of the tent. The diameter of each stove jack is 5 inches. It is a freestanding tent and has an area of 3 meters, making it ideal for 2 beds.

You can also choose from other size variants and get the perfect size for you as all of them have two stove jacks.

The weight of this tent is 44 pounds (3-meter variant). The fabric of the canvas is khaki and waterproof. It does not have a PU coating on it. Furthermore, you also get windows and vents in the tent for ventilation.

The center height of this bell-shaped tent is 6.5 feet, and the wall height is 23.6 inches. The weight of the tent is 60 pounds, and the floor area is about 129 feet.

The doors and windows have mesh designs and pockets for storage. You can completely roll up the sides of the tent and turn it into a canopy.

Highlight features

Suitable for all 4 seasons: This tent s subtle for all four seasons, including rain and snow. In moderate weather, the mesh-covered doors and windows are enough for ventilation. You can detach the floor and roll the walls upwards in warm weather. In cold weather, you can set up the stoves and make the inside of your tent warm according to your choice.

Breathable and double-layered: You get double-walled doors and windows in this tent. The upper layer of the tent doors and windows is made from cotton, while the inner layer is mesh material. This makes the tent breathable and more ventilated.

Rainproof and snowproof: All the seams of the tent are double stitched. This not only makes the tent much more durable but also locks the pieces of fabric together in such a way that there is no leaking in heavy rain or snow. This makes the tent suitable for harsh environments.

Stove jack covering: When the stoves are not installed, you won't have the extra opening for mosquitos to ruin your sleep. The hole has a covering on the outer side, which seals the opening and prevents the entry of external objects.


  • Double-stitched seams
  • Detachable bottom floor
  • Sturdy zippers
  • Multiple vents and windows


  • No warranty

Reason to get this: cost-Effective! 

8-Yurtent bell tent with stove hole

The Yurtent bell tent with a stove hole is ideal for a family or group of six. It is ideal for all 4 seasons.

If you want to use it for glamping, you can easily fit a queen-sized bed and two blow-up mattresses inside the tent.

The material of the tent is 80 % PVC and 20% cotton. It comes in beige color. It weighs about 61.7 pounds.

The center height of this tent is 8.2 feet, and the wall height is 23.6 inches. The groundsheet of the tent is durable and thick. It is resistant to ripping.

You can attach it to the walls of the tent using a zip, and you can remove it when needed.

This compact tent is waterproof as well. The diameter of the tent is 13 feet which means you will have plenty of space to walk around after setting up your beds inside it.

The stove jack of the tent has a diameter of about 4.5 inches. The package includes a tent, pegs, accessory bag, ropes, and a storage bag.

Highlight features

Warm and comfortable inside: The perfect space and setup of this tent make it very comfortable. The height and diameter of the tent are ideal for three people. You can enjoy cooking, chatting, and working inside this cozy tent.

Mesh door and windows: The feature of the yurtent bell tent makes it breathable. You won't feel suffocated even when the stove is turned on. The door and semicircular windows are covered with mesh, which prevents the entry of bugs and mosquitos inside the tent.

Easy to set up: As this tent is very lightweight, it can easily be set up by a single person in no time. The package includes all the poles, pegs, and ropes, so you don't have to hustle and buy them separately.

High-Quality Polyester: The fabric of the tent is tear-resistant. It is much more sturdy and won't get damaged easily. It is waterproof and much more strong than compared to nylon fabric that is normally used in tents. 


  • Perfect for backpacking
  • Ideal height and width
  • Quick set up
  • Zipped groundsheet


  • Available in beige color only

9-Stout 5M Sunforger tent with stove jack

tents with stoves

The stout 5M sunforger tent is a huge canvas bell tent. It is specially designed in such a way that it can be used in the long term without any damage.

It is also from freestanding types and can easily accommodate 6 people. The material of this tent is polyurethane.

It comes with a two-flap door that opens with a zipper. It is a yurt-style tent and is made from 100 percent pure cotton that is coated with PVC.

"This tent is also resistant to water and won't deteriorate easily."

The stove jack used in this tent is 3 inches in diameter and can be adjusted easily to 6 inches. You can set it up according to your stove pipe.

The stout 5M sunforger tent is mold resistant as well. It is ideal for all types of surroundings and can be used for sleeping, cooking, and enjoying all types of weather.

Highlight features

Double-stitched cotton canvas: The canvas of this tent is double stitched. As a result, there is no chance of tearing. It will not get worn out easily and will stay in contact.

Huge size: 6 people can easily stay in this tent. If you are with a friend group or your family and need a tent with a stove, this will provide you with the required space without any ventilation or suffocation issues.

No flapping due to wind: The shape of the tent is such that it defects the wind. This means that there will be no flapping of the fabric, and you will have a peaceful sleep at night.

High-Quality netting: The high-quality netting used in the second layer of the door can hold impact. The netting design makes it very durable and sturdy but still breathable.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Ideal for families
  • Adjustable stove jack
  • Plastic molded zippers


  • No warranty

10-MC Canvas Bell Tent with stove jack

best tents with stoves

Mc canvas bell tent with stove jack is one of the luxurious tents suitable for glamping and camping.

The size of this tent is 10 feet. You get a removable floor with the tent. The material used in the tent is PVC, cotton, and poly cotton.

You geet windows, vents, stove jack and a wide door on the tent. It is a freestanding tent with a round shape.

The fabric of the tent makes it water-resistant and wind-resistant. It is also resistant to abrasion and tearing.

The windows and vents make the tent breathable and well ventilated.

The center height of the tent is 6.6 feet, and the wall height is 1,9 feet. The manufacturer provides a 12-month warranty and customer support with the tent.

Highlight features

Safe and comfortable: The fire-resistant material used around the stove jack makes it extra safe as this is the part of the tent that is more likely to catch fire. The mesh panels used in the tent entrance make it breathable and comfortable to spend a long time.

Perfect size and structure: The size of the tent is ideal for 3-4 people. You can place a bed inside the tent and other furniture and appliances to enjoy glamping. Along with the size, the height of this tent is also ideal. It can also be used at parties, weddings, and other outdoor functions.

Rolling walls: The walls of this tent can be rolled upwards after detaching the flooring of the tent. It creates an open environment under the tent so you can enjoy the view while sitting under the tent.

Environmental friendly material: The material used in the fabric of the tent is mostly polycotton. It is an environmentally friendly material and makes the tent resistant to tearing and abrasion.


  • Removable floor
  • Stable structure
  • Installed stove jack with covering
  • Wind ad rain resistant


  • Available in one color only

Other Consideration

If you still can't make a choice from the above recommendation, don't worry as we have got a list of some essential features to look for in a cold-weather tent with a stove.

These features will surely help you narrow down your choice.


You should choose a double-walled tent as it has two layers which prove to be very effective in keeping it warm.

The outer layers protect you from harsh weather, while the inner one helps in insulation and keeping it warm for a longer time.

The double-walled tents are much more durable, stronger, and warmer as compared to the single-walled tents.


The rainfly is the extra outer layer of the tent that is waterproof and protects from rain, snow, and wavy winds.

It also gives the tent some extra stability. Some tents also feature an external vestibule which you can use for storing your backpacks and gear.

Stove jack

A stove jack is a must if you want t to have a store in your tent. With a stove jack, you cannot have a stove in your tent as it can be very dangerous, and proper ventilation will also not be possible.

If you want to keep your tent warm and have a stove in it, you must check if the tent has a stove jack or not.

Pole design

You can find numerous variations of pole design. Some tents have more poles while the others have lesser. More poles aid in sturdiness and make your tent more stable so that harsh weather cannot impact it.


1. Does a stove keep a tent warm?

A stove can prove to be very helpful in keeping your tent warm. Even if the outside temperature is very low, it is still very effective. It can give a warm and cozy environment inside the tent, no matter what the outside condition is. 

2. How warm is a canvas tent with a stove?

If the stove in your tent is set up properly and is effective, then the inside temperature can be easily maintained between 20 to 25 Celsius when the outside temperature is -20 to -30 degrees. 

3. How well do tent stoves work?

A tent stove is considered much more effective than burning a stove in the open air because it concentrates the air and burns fuel completely, resulting in more heat.

This makes it 10-20 percent more effective than the open-air stoves.

4. How hot do tent stoves get?

In sub-freezing temperatures, the tent stoves can get up to 60 - 70 degrees and even higher if the outside temperatures are higher.

These temperatures are ideal to suit your needs of warming up your tents.

5. Are tent stoves safe?

Tent stoves are safe if they are installed according to the safety instructions. You have to be careful while setting it up. If you do it properly, there is no risk of any mishap. 


Having a camping and hiking trip is fun, but it can get ruined easily if the weather is not comfortable enough. Extreme cold and uncomfortable night sleep can result in decreasing your productivity.

If you get a good cold weather tent with a stove, you can prevent the cold weather from being a hurdle in your way.

I would recommend the Russian Bear Hot tent with a stove jack, as it is very spacious and sturdy. It is safe to use for setting up a stove inside it.

I hope this article was helpful for you. You got all the information you needed, and now you can get an ideal cold-weather tent with a stove and go for the experience without thinking much, as this will prove to be your rescuer.

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