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How To Decorate a Camping Tent?

So, you have pitched your tent perfectly, and it is all set up, but you still feel like something's missing?

If you are away from your home and you want to decorate your tent to feel like home, you need to make some quick changes and add a few small things and DIYs, and it will make a huge difference.

Before I begin, I recommend choosing a color theme for your tent. This way, you won't end up having a bunch of things, all with different colors.

Choosing a single or couple of beautiful colors will make your tent look much more elegant and organized.

Follow these easy guidelines and make your tent your comfort place.

Let’s begin!

Setting up a Rug

How to Decorate a Camping Tent

The flooring of your tent impacts the look and feel of your tent a lot. If you get a nice rug for your tent, it will look much better.

A nice vintage rug will add up to giving it that cozy and home-like feel. In addition to that, it will make it more comfortable if the ground under your tent is rough or has little stones or twigs.

You can walk on the rug or sit there and enjoy reading a book. To make the tent more warm and comfortable, you can set up a battery-powered heater, but make sure to place it carefully at a suitable and safe spot.

If you have another small rug for the outside of the tent, that will be a plus. It will save your tent from getting dirty.

When you or one of your family members or friends gets in with dirty shoes, you will not have to worry about the flooring of your tent getting dirty.

Installing Twinkle Lights

If you want to give your tent an instant boost, I highly recommend twinkle lights. These lights are very inexpensive and do not need much power.

You can effortlessly hang the lights the way you like and enjoy the beautiful look. If you have kids with you, I recommend hanging them a bit higher so they cant reach them.

You can also get solar-powered lights if you want. They get charged during the day and stay lit all night. You can choose from a lot of options in colors and sizes and make your tent look very artful without much effort.

Using Solar Light Stakes Outside The Tent

Solar light stakes are very useful if you are camping alone or have a fear of getting away from your tent and not being able to find it.

"These stakes make your tent look gorgeous from the outside."

These light stakes do not require ny external power as they are powered by solar energy. The huge bulbs inside them look very beautiful and can prove to be awesome indicators for if you get away from your tent at night.

"You can install them within a few minutes without any help."

You just have to dig about a 4-5 inches deep hole in the ground, put the stake inside, and secure it by putting more sand over the hole. It is a great way to light up the outside of your tent without having any wires hanging.

Getting Some Extra Pillows And Cushions

Get yourself some extra pillows and cushions. Pillows are lightweight and easy to carry. They make a big difference. They will make your tent look extra cozy.

Some extra colorful pillows will add up extra comfort and support. You can have pillows for your bed and your chair for comfortable seating.

Camping pillows are built with straps and fabric that prevent them from sleeping on slippery surfaces and add extra support.

You can also get some floor cushions to put on your rug. Extra support for your body is always good and can prevent pressure on your body that can lead to health problems.

Making a DIY Side Table Within A Minute

A side table would be very convenient and helpful and make your place feel elegant. But it is nearly impossible to have a table with you when you are camping. The side tables are very heavy, so you might feel that you have to compromise.

Don't worry. I have a quick DIY for you.

Just get your luggage box and put it beside your bet. Cover it with a piece of cloth of your choice, and it is ready.

You can put your accessories, books and things like an alarm clock, water bottle or radio on it. This effortless little table would be multipurpose and convenient for you. 

Using Bedsheets For Your Air Mattress

Some people do not prefer having a bedsheet over their air mattresses. I highly recommend a nice bedsheet if you don't want to feel like you are just comrop-miing far away from home.

A fresh-looking bedsheet will make you want to have a good time in your bed when you reach your tent after having a good walk in nature.

You can have matching pillow covers to make it look splendid. The change in the whole tent will make you want to spend more time there.

Furthermore, if there is some spillage on your bed, it will save your mattress from getting ruined. Your mattress will not get dirty very easily, and if it does, it will be very easy to clean.

Securing Tent Flaps Tightly

The flaps of the doors and awning can be very noisy in heavy winds. The flapping sounds are very annoying. But not anymore. You can use binder clips to secure them tightly.

Tightly secured flaps look very neat and elegant compared to the ones left loose. A few binder clips can make the place noise-free and enhance the beauty of your tent.

Some tents come with flaps that haze zippers and can be removed. So if you want to remove the flap when you don't need it will also be a good idea.

If your tent flaps are not secured, you might end up ripping them accidentally, and they cannot be repaired, so you have to be careful and secure them firmly.

Rolling up the Window Flaps

If you have been tying the window flaps of your tent, you need to try this. Just roll the window flap tightly in an upward motion.

Rolling up the window tent has a lot of benefits along with with the fact that they make your tent look much more beautiful.

If you tie them with a wire or thread, there is a chance that the wire will damage the flap fabric, and you will get a hole in the flap, which means you will not be able to securely seal your tent.

If you have Velcro on the flap of the window, you can use that to secure the rolled-up flap. Otherwise, you can use a pair of rubber bands to secure each side of the flap and get the same neat look.

Having A Foldable Aluminum Chair and Table

how to decorate your campsite

If you think that your tent looks empty and you need some furniture items for convenience but can't come up with something lightweight, don't worry. You can get a chair…I know your think that they are heavy and huge.

I would recommend the ones that come with a frame made from aluminum. The aluminum frame chairs are not only lightweight and easy to carry, but they are foldable as well.

This means that you can put them in your car trunk even if you don't have much space. Such types of tables are also easily available.

You can use them inside the tent and take them out for sitting and enjoying the outside view. You can also get them in a lot of different color options and get the matching ones for your tent.

Making use of Luggage Baskets

If you are on a long camping trip, you must have a lot of luggage and boxes of hiking gear. You can use these boxes and containers for multiple purposes. These boxes will not take up extra space and will make your place much more efficient.

You can use those extra boxes to store your daily use items and organize your stuff. You can also use them as tables by covering them with ant fabric.

If there is a container that you don't need anymore, you can use it as a garbage bin. Make sure to cover it up with a polythene bag to be reusable.

Do not throw away those bags, and you never know when you need them.

Adding colorful DIY Net Curtains

If you want your tent to look more elegant and artful, you can get some net curtains.

These curtains are available at very low prices and are very easy to install.

You can either have curtain rings on the doors and attach the curtains to them or attach the curtains permanently by gluing them to the inside of the curtain door.

These curtains will surely make your tent look 10 times better.

Another benefit of such curtains is that they prevent the bugs from getting in the tent and still maintain the breathability of the tent and give a fresh and comfortable environment.

Getting a Solar Multipurpose Radio

Small multipurpose appliances can make a huge difference. You must be thinking that the radio is an old-fashioned thing and how it can be helpful while camping.

Surprisingly we have radios that work on three-way power which means that they can be charged in the sun.

These little devices are not only used for listening to FM. They have a lot of other features as well.

They can be used as a flashlight, alarm clock, or power bank to charge your mini devices such as mobile phones and send signals to the nearby emergency station in case you are in danger.

These radios have a vintage look that makes your space look very graceful and inventive. These are not heavy at all and are a pro in all cases.

If you want to have a look at some of the best options available check our article on the Best Portable Radios


These were some easy guidelines and ideas to decorate your tent.

We hope that this article was helpful for you and has given you some cool ideas to make your tent look like a cozy yet elegant spot.

If you think getting extra expensive and heavy furniture will not be a good idea, you can follow the above-mentioned ideas and DIYs to add life to your lovely space and make yourself feel like you are at your home.

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