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How To Go on a Romantic Backyard Camping

If you want to refresh your mind from the daily hustle and are looking forward to spending some time with your partner without getting away from home, backyard camping would be great.

To make your camping much more memorable and enjoyable, we have some great ideas. Want to see what you can do?

Well, just setting up the tent in your backyard would not be enough. You need to follow some guidelines and make arrangements to help you cheer up yourself and your partner.

First of all, you need to decorate and set the inside of the tent accordingly with all the required gear. And then just set decide what fun activities you would like to have inside your tent!

So without any further ado, let’s begin:

Setting Up The Inside Of The Tent

As you are camping inside your tent in your backyard, a boring and plain setting would not be a good option. To make your partner happy and cheer you up, you need to make your place special. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Choosing A Theme

To make your tent look aesthetic and elegant, first of all, choose a color theme. You can have a contrast of white with any of your or your partner’s favorite colors.

After selecting the colors, you need to keep in mind that you have to try your best to get the accessories and decorations of the same colors. Make sure to choose elegant or pastel colors that are not vibrant.

This is because you have to set up lights inside the tent, too, and that would balance out the theme. If you have matching decoration items inside the house, you can get them and set those things inside the tent.

Psst!: wondering what to wear on a romantic camping date? check out our article  on what to wear on a camping date? as we cover all the best options!

2. Setting up A Cozy Sitting Area

Romantic Backyard Camping

Once the tent is all set up, you need to set up the area where you think you would like to sit. Having a mattress on the floor would be a good idea instead of having a cot or a high bed. Cover the mattress with sheets.

Make sure all those sheets are clean and properly set up. This will make the place look very neat, and your partner will surely appreciate your effort because of these small things.

If you need some extra comfort and a cozy bed, get a bunch of extra pillows and cushions. Get a blanket as well. So if it gets cold outside, you don’t have to rush inside the house for blankets.

If there is some extra space inside the tent, you can have carpets or fluffy rugs to make the inside look even better.

3. Twinkle Lights and Flowers

Now that the flooring ad bed is made move on to the ceiling and walls. Get some twinkle lights for the tent. Hang them on the ceiling or the walls. These lights will make the tent took very fancy.

You would not like the inside of the tent to look dark. To prevent that have as many lights as possible. You can use larger bulbs, lamps, or lanterns as well.

"As these lights are available in many color variants, you can choose the color that best matches your theme."

You can use artificial flower pots to enhance the look even more. Spray the mild fragrance on the inside of the tent. It will make the tent smell really fresh and will surely help you relax and calm down.

4. Playing Soft Music

Music can surely help you lift your mood. Having a music player will enhance your experience and will add up to giving you a premium experience without having to spend heaps of money on far-off trips.

A piece of soft violin music inside the silent tent will give you a romantic and euphoric environment. You can also choose the n music that your partner likes.

He/She will love it and remember the camping experience as one of the best memories of his/her life.

Avoid playing very loud music as you want to create a soothing and mesmerizing environment instead of a loud and energetic environment.

Soft background music will e the perfect choice.

5. Setting up Electricity ports

Now that the environment is all set up, one last thing is that you need to make sure that there are electricity ports in the tent.

You or your partner may need the port to charge your mobile phones or run some appliances. Electricity supply will be a must.

Gear That You Will Need

As you have a date inside a camp, you will surely not like to compromise on the quality. To have an exceptionally amazing experience, these are some of the must-haves:

1. Mini Fridge

Drinks are the main part of a date. And who would like to have drinks that are not chilled enough?

To avoid the hustle of going in and out of your house, just have a mini-fridge inside your tent to keep your snacks and drinks chilled. A mini-fridge is essential for you if you plan to camp in your backyard more frequently.

It is also very useful if you plan to have camping trips in the countryside. Thinking about the power supply? Don't worry. You can get the mini-fridge that can run on 3-way power. Here are some really good suggestions for mini-fridges.

Having a mini-fridge for backyard camping would not go in vain. Such fridges are portable and lightweight. You later use it in your bedroom as well.

2. White Projector Curtain

On one of your camping tent walls, tightly pitch a white curtain. Make sure to secure it tightly. You can also use a sheet instead of fabric.

If you are using a tent with multiple rooms and room dividers, you will not have to set up a separate wall for the projector, as you can use that room divider as a projection screen

Set up your projector after setting the screen, angling it on the screen. Connect the projector to the power.

Neatly organize and set up the chords of the devices running inside the tent as tangle and messy cords can lead to safety issues and do not look very pleasing.

After this little effort, you can watch a movie with your partner inside the tent and spend quality time together.

3. Double Air Mattress

You will find tons of mattresses online, with different specifications and designs. Air mattresses will be a good choice as they are very easy to set up and are portable as well.

You will not have to spend much time setting up the mattress inside your tent. The process is also very easy. If you are with your partner, we would recommend a double air mattress as it will allow enough space to enjoy.

If you aren't sure what mattress you should get, check our article on the best pad mattress.

4. Cooking Equipment

It would be an awesome idea to have cooking equipment in your tent in the backyard. You can get the cooking equipment specifically designed to be used on a camping trip.

These types of equipment are lightweight, compact, and very easy to carry. You will need a camping stove that runs on cartridges. Having this, you will not have to worry about external fuel supply.

You will also have to get some multipurpose cookware so you can cook different dishes in the same pan. Furthermore, also pick some aesthetic dinnerware to serve the food.

Make sure you have enough water in the tent as well. You can use a convenient water container to store water. Get the one that is compact and does not take much space inside your tent.

Fun Activities To Make Your Experience Memorable

After setting up the inside o your tent and getting all the required gear and accessories, the next step is to plan and decide what activities you want to enjoy with your partner.

A good environment will surely make both of you happy, but some fun activities will make the camping experience very memorable.

1. Movie Night

As mentioned earlier, you will need to have a simple DIY setup for a movie night. You will need a curtain as a display projector screen. After setting it up, choose a good movie.

You can watch a movie on your watchlist or just enjoy watching Netflix together. Also, get some snacks, drinks, and popcorn to have while you enjoy the movie.

The beautiful theme, twinkle lights on the walls, cozy bedding, and a good movie would refresh both of you from that hectic daily routine, and as a result, it will help you increase your productivity for the coming week.

2. Cooking Together

If you are camping in the evening, it would be a good idea to enjoy cooking new recipes together. This way, you can discover new recipes and have fun. Barbeque night outside the camp will also be very entertaining.

You need to keep in view your safety and follow all the safety precautions while setting up the camping stove and cooking.

The grill should be outside the tents, so there is no risk. Freshly cooked warm food at night will be worth enjoying.

If you have a mini camping fridge, you can also keep frozen food in it and have a quick breakfast in the morning right when you wake up.

3. Board Games

Board games are a good way to have fun with your partner. These games obviously do not require going out, and they can be a good way to work detox. You must be thinking that you know only a couple of games and they are not fun.

There are a lot of board games that requir

 only two people and can be so much fun to play.

These games include Hive, Mr. Jack Pocket, Battleship grab and go, sushi go, checkers, monopoly, and many others.

You can choose your favorite or select a new game and enjoy it!

4. Campfire

If you are camping in your backyard, the experience would not be complete without having a campfire outside the tent.

It will not only make the experience much more romantic but will also have you and your partner sit down by the fire and cherish the moments.

You can have a good conversation about your progress and appreciate each other for the small things.

After that, it would be a good idea to click a lot of pictures by the campfire and inside the tent so you can have them in your album or display them inside your home.


Small efforts and activities like romantic backyard camping might seem unimportant, but they can help you enjoy and cherish lovely moments together.

These can be a good way to have deep and meaningful conversations and to express your feelings for each other. These effortless dates can give you a good social media and work detox.

You can refresh your mind and start the week with motivation if you have such weekend camping trips.

We hope that this article was helpful for you and gave you a lot of ideas to have a good romantic camping trip in your backyard.

So what are you waiting for? Get your gear and enjoy.

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