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Best Camping Tent With Air Conditioner Port


Are you looking for a premium quality camping tent with ac port?

You are on the right spot as we are here to resolve all your queries related to tents with air conditioner ports, with detailed and in-depth reviews of multiple products so you can choose the one that matches your needs.

If you are in a hurry, I would highly recommend the Coleman WeatherMaster Tent as it is very reliable, spacious, sturdy, and water-resistant.

Well, you will see different tents in different stores online, but the mixed reviews everywhere make the choice task very hard.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered when buying a good tent that has an air conditioner port.

So, without any further ado, let's begin. Jump To Best Options!

Benefits of having a tent with AC port

It is usually not preferred to camping or hike at a site where the temperature is really high as it can get very uncomfortable.

Hot weather can be a hurdle for you. But if you are prepared and all set up with an air conditioner inside your tent that comes with an AC port, the hot weather will never be a problem for you.

Having an AC port in your tent, you can effortlessly set up your air conditioner and enjoy your comfortable experience with your family and friends.

Once you have AC set up in your tent, you can have a better night's sleep and escape from the midday heat even in the hottest places.

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Quick answer:

Best tents with ac ports

Check out this quick list of our top 3 favorite WINDPROOF CANOPIES if you’re in a hurry, or continue scrolling to see our full list with in-depth reviews

1-Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent

2-Coleman Weathermaster 6/10 person 

3-Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

Best Camping Tent With Air Conditioner Port

1-Coleman Weathermaster 6/10 person

camping tent with ac port

The Coleman weathermaster tent comes in 2 variants.

One is ideal for 6 people while the other can accommodate 10 people. They are available in aesthetic brown color. You can use this tent in all 4 seasons.

It gives you a spacious area of 9 * 11 feet with a center height of 6 feet and eight inches. It weighs only about 34.14 pounds and is very easy to set up.

You get enough space to set up two queen-sized airbeds inside the tent. On one side, you get a floorless screen room. You can enjoy bug-free lounging in that part of the tent. The tent is dome-shaped, and the fabric used in it is high-quality polyester.

One of the important features of this tent is that it has a WeatherTec system. The floor of the tent is welded, and the seams of the tent are inverted.

This helps to promote insulation inside the tent and perfectly maintain the temperature inside the tent when the air conditioner is running inside the tent.

This tent is dome-shaped, which makes it extra stable. You also get a rainfly with the tent that helps cover the tent and prevent UV radiation and water from getting into the tent. An expandable bag is also included.

You can use that to store the tent and carry it across long distances. It is ideal for extended camping trips and car camping.

Highlight features

LeakproofLeakproof seams: Considering the fact that you will have electric power running inside your tent, your tent must be leakproof. In an ordinary tent, water gets in through the seams. But this tent comes with inverted seams. The seams are designed in such a way that they prevent the leakage of water inside the tent when it is raining.

Hinged doors: The doors of this tent are hinged. This not only adds a good look and home-like feel inside the tent but also makes entering and exiting the tent much easier. Unlike in other tents, you don’t have to struggle to open and close the door.

Waterproof floors: If you want to install an air conditioning unit or other electric appliances inside your tent, you must be thinking about water entering the tent from the floor. With this tent, you don't have to worry about that. The floors are welded and hence are waterproof.

Sturdy and weather-resistant: The poles used in the tent frame are 19 millimeters in diameter and are made from steel. This makes the frame very sturdy so that it is resistant to weather, and heavy winds cannot impact it. As a result, the tent is much more stable and reliable.

Easy to set up: It takes only 20 minutes to set up the Coleman weathermaster 6-person tent. All the poles of the tent are color-coded, so the task of setting up the tent gets much easier. You can take it down within a few minutes whenever you want to and securely pack it in the expandable carry bag provided with the tent. 


  • Durable
  • High-Quality fabric
  • Zipper protection
  • WeatherTec System


  • Available in one color only

Reason to get this: Best overall!

2-Ozark Trail 3 Room Instant Cabin Tent

tents with ac ports

The Ozark trail instant cabin tent provides occupancy for 11 people. It comes in orange color. You get 3 spacious rooms inside this instant tent.

The material used in the tent is polyester, and the poles of the tent are made from alloy steel.

This huge tent weighs only about 15 pounds, making it very easy to carry on camping trips and set up and take down whenever needed.

You get zippers on the doors and windows of the tent. This tent also features an open cabin area, so you can enjoy the view while sitting under the shed.

The dimensions of the tent are ‎29.69 x 11.89 x 11.81 inches. The ceiling height of the tent is 76 inches. As a result, you get ample space over your head.

The type of fabric used in the Ozark trail instant cabin tent is mesh. This helps to improve breathability and prevent humidity and suffocation when an AC is turned on.

You get a rainfly on top of the tent supported with stakes. This is very helpful in rain and snow as it prevents water from getting inside the tent and damaging your appliances.

You also get a hanging gear organizer inside the tent to keep your camping gear all set up and have extra space for yourself.

"You also get room dividers which you can remove and set up according to your choice!"

Highlight features

Ample space: The Ozark trail instant cabin tent gives you a lot of space, making it ideal for large families. You can effortlessly fit two queen-sized airbeds inside the tent. You also get a lot of headspace and six large windows for maximum ventilation.

Lightweight: This tent weighs less than 15 pounds. This makes the tent very easy to carry and install. You do not have to put in much effort or get help from anyone as it is very lightweight. The huge size, ample space, and lightweight make it ideal for far-off camping trips.

Easy to set up: Following a few easy steps, you can set up the tent within no time. This means you don't have to start working on setting up hours before you need it. Just straighten, align and set up the poles and stakes and it is ready to use.

Room dividers included: If you are camping with your family and still need privacy in your tent, you can install the provided room dividers inside the tent and separate the rooms. This feature makes it very efficient.

Carry bag included: Inside the package, you get a carry bag. You can put a tent inside this bag and make it more compact. As a result, it gets very easy to carry and take wherever you want to. You can even carry it in your car and enjoy car camping with your family or friends.


  • Ideal for families
  • Awning for extra space
  • Gear organizers inside
  • Comfortable ventilation system


  • Available in orange color only

Reason to get this: Best for value!

3-Bushnell Shield Series Instant Cabin Tent

Best Camping Tent With Air Conditioner Port

The Bushnell shield series instant cabin tent comes in three size variants. The smallest one can accommodate 6 people, and the middle is ideal for 6 people, while the largest one provides occupancy for 12 people.

This tent is suitable for 3 seasons. It comes in a classy grey color and has a rainfly on top.

The largest tent weighs only about 38 pounds which is very less considering the fact that it can occupy 12 people. The openings of this tent have zippers on them.

The fabric of the Bushnell shield series instant cabin tent is polyester. It is tough and water-resistant.

Aluminum poles are already attached to the fabric, making setting up very easy. The seams are fully taped to prevent water leakage inside the tent.

Furthermore, it comes with weather shield technology, which helps maintain the temperature by providing maximum insulation.

It can be used as a multiroom tent by setting up the room dividers.

"You also get 2 air conditioner ports inside the tent."

Highlight features

Easy set up: This huge tent takes only two minutes to set up. All the aluminum poles of the tent are already attached to the fabric for convenience. You just have to take the tent out of the bag and extent the poles, and your tent is ready to be used.

Provides ample space: This tent can easily accommodate as many as 12 people. It gives you a total space of 11 feet by 18 feet. The center height of the tent is 80 inches which means you will get a lot of space over your head.

Heatshield technology: The Bushnell shield series instant cabin tent contains heat shield technology. The tough and sturdy fabric provides maximum insulation, so the temperature is easily maintained when you have an air conditioner unit working in it.

Added removable room dividers: You get 2 room dividers in the tent. It is optional to pul them down and zips them up when needed. If you need ample space without any separation, you can easily remove them.

Internal storage options: On the inner walls of the tent, you get pockets. These pockets come very handy for putting in small things such as water bottles or mobile phones. You can also organize your hiking gear inside them.


  • Heavy duty
  • Ripstop fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • 2 Air conditioner ports


  • Available in one color only

Reason to get this: Very Durable!

4-Core Extended Dome Tent For 9 people

Tent With Air Conditioner Port

The core extended dome tent is available in two beautiful colors that are wine and orange. This tent can easily accommodate up to 9 people.

This dome shape tent is very stable and is suitable for 3 seasons. It weighs only about 18.21 pounds only.

The fabric of the core extended dome tent is 68D polyester which not only makes it extra durable but also makes it resistant to harsh weather and water.

The poles of this tent are made from fiberglass, which means they won't rust or get damaged due to humidity and provide perfect stability for your tent.

The core extended dome tent doors have zippers attached to them for closure. This spacious tent also provides a lot of space over your head and gives you a 72 inches center height.

You get many extra pockets and hooks to organize all your hiking gear inside the tent, so it won't take additional space in the tent. The seams o these tents are heat-sealed, which means no water will get in even in heavy rain.

You also get an electrical cord access port inside the tent that you can use to run your air conditioning unit in hot weather.

"You also get tent stakes, poles, a rainfly, and a carry bag in the package."

Highlight features

Heat-sealed seams: One of the major problems with the tent tents that come with ports is water leakage. Water can get in the tent through the seams and damage your appliances. This tent features heat-sealed seams, making it impossible for rainwater to get into the tent. This tent makes the tent 100% water-resistant.

Efficient cord access port: You get an electric cord access port inside the tent, which is very helpful if you want to run any electric appliance inside your tent. This port can be fully closed and sealed when not in use.

Extra pockets and hooks: The core extended dome tent also features a gear loft and pockets inside it where you can organize your hiking gear. Along with that, you get a hook for hanging lights or lanterns.

Ample space: This huge tent can easily accommodate 9 people, which means you can easily fit 3 queen airbeds inside this tent. It is very spacious and is high enough that it is very comfortable for you to walk around inside the tent.

Removable rainfly: You also get stakes and a rainfly in the package. It is optional if you want to set it up with the tent. If it is raining or very sunny, you can spread it and set it up over the tent to protect you from rainwater and UV radiation.


  • Lightweight
  • Advanced venting
  • Water-resistant
  • PU coated fabric


  • No room dividers provided

5-Wenzel Klondike 8 Person Water Resistant Tent

Best Camping Tent With Air Conditioner Port

The Wenzel klondike water-resistant tent is available in grey, green, and blue. All three shades are very classy and appealing. This tent can easily accommodate 8 people.

It is suitable for 3 seasons and weighs about 27.3 pounds which is good for an 8 people tent.

Ths tent is ideal for picnics and camping trips to switch families as it features a convertible screen room on one side for lounging and enjoying the outside view while staying safe from bugs and insects.

This tent takes almost no time to set up and take down. You do not need to put much effort.

You get zippers on the doors and an opening of the tent for easy entry and exit. The removable rainfly on top of the tent makes it waterproof.

The seams of the rainfly are perfectly sealed so no water can get in even in heavy rain. You also get 3 zippered side windows inside the tent, with an inner flap for convenience.

The roof vents of this tent are made from mesh, which makes the tent breathable. The poles provided with the tent are shock-corded and are made from fiberglass.

Hence, they are very reliable in harsh conditions. All the tent seams are double stitched, which provides a shingle effect with water.

Highlight features

Second room option: All the rooms of this tent are provided with mesh walls, so there is maximum ventilation. The whole tent looks like a single room. If you want a partition and convert it into two rooms, you can zip up the middle part, and it will act as a room divider and give you two rooms.

High-quality craftsmanship: Every part of the tent is made durable and water-resistant. All the tent seams are double-stitched and lap felled and, as a result, provide a shingle effect against water. This makes the whole tent water-resistant.

Accessory pockets: Inside the tent, you get a lot of extra pockets on the walls. These are provided to give you extra space for your accessories and gear. You can organize all your hiking stuff in them and enjoy the clean space inside the tent.

Durability: The poles of this tent are made from fiberglass and are tested to see the impact of weather. The fabric is made from high-quality polyester coated with polyurethane, making it tough and water-resistant. The steel uprights provided with the tent add up to the stability.

Hi-low ventilation: At the backside of this tent, you get an opening covered with mesh. This vent provides hi-low air circulation and keeps your tent fresh and cool.


  • Easy to set up
  • Spacious
  • Waterproof
  • Extra stable


  • No warranty available

6-E-Z UP Camping Cube Straight Leg Canopy Camping Tent

Ac Tent

The E-Z straight leg canopy tent has a different shape and structure as compared to the regular tents. It provides accommodation for 6 people.

It is a spacious pop-up tent with dimensions of 350 cm x 281 cm x 281 cm offering more than 541 cubic feet.

It is suitable for the summer season and comes with power pockets to run extension cords and power your appliances, such as an air conditioner.

It comes in 4 appealing colors that are splash, limeade, punch, and royal blue. The total weight of this tent is about 14 pounds only. This tent is made from polyester fabric.

If you are looking for a ten that provides excellent ventilation, this one would be perfect as it comes with large screened windows and a huge door to maximize airflow and keep it ventilated on hot summer days and nights.

For installing the tent, you don't need any extra tools as it comes with heavy-duty clips and hooks to connect the tent to the frame.

The protective floor of the tent protects you from bugs and prevents water from getting inside the tent. You also get a heavy-duty carry bag with this tent that you can use for storage and carrying purposes.

Highlight features

Easy to set up: This canopy just consists of two main parts that are the umbrella and the extension poles. They are very lightweight and are effortless to install. You can set them up without any help and take them down when needed. You can easily carry them in the storage bag included in the package.

Extra pockets: Extra pockets are always handy, especially when outdoors, and have multiple small things to carry and take care of. You get numerous small pockets in your canopy where you can put things such as your smartphone, water bottle, etc.

Warranty: The manufacturer of the Qipi beach canopy provides you a 1-year warranty so you can get it replaced or repaired if there is an issue. You also get customer support service for help.


  • Built-in pet portal
  • Entry point footprint provided
  • Gear lots and selves for storage
  • E-Z clips provided


  • No room dividers

7-UNP Camping Tent 10-Person-Family Tent

Ac tent with port

The UNP camping tent comes in gray, ocean blue, and orange colors. This tent is an ideal choice for family camping trips as it can accommodate ten people.

The UNP camping tent is freestanding, and its shape gives it a very stable form. It is suitable for 3 seasons. You also get a rainfly on top of the tent.

The dimensions of the tent are 18ft x 9ft, which means you can easily fit 10 air mattresses or 3 queen size beds.

The tent is very quick and effortless to set up as it takes only 8 minutes for two people to pitch it.

The stargazing roof of the tent makes viewing stars at night a very splendid experience.

The windows and doors of this tent provide enough ventilation in hot weather. A curtain divider in the middle of the tent divides the tent into two separate rooms.

This flawless curtain can also be used as a screen for a projector, and you can enjoy watching movies inside the tent with your family and friends.

The 100 percent polyester fabric of the tent makes it water-resistant, waterproof, and wind-resistant. It can withstand harsh winds and heavy rains.

The manufacturer provides a 1-year quality assurance warranty and excellent customer service if you need guidance or help.

Highlight features

Mesh fabric: You get mesh windows on the three sides of the tent. The top part of the tent is also made from mesh. If you remove the rainfly, you will get boosted ventilation inside your tent.

Room divider: You get a curtain divider in the middle of the tent. This divider can be hung to divide the curtain into two separate rooms for added privacy. You can use the curtain as a screen for the projector as well.

Easy set up: You can set up a tent within less than 8 minutes with the help of a partner. You just have to take it out of the bag and lay it straight on the ground. Next, align the poles and straighten them to get the perfect dome shape, and it is ready.

Stargazing roof: The meshed roof of the tent provides a splendid view at night. You can enjoy stargazing by removing the rainfly. It also improves ventilation and keeps the air inside the tent fresh.

Carry bag included: A storage and carry bag is also provided with the tent. You can fold and put it in the bag and take it conveniently wherever you like.


  • Water-resistant
  • Windproof
  • Easy ventilation
  • 1-year warranty


  • Zips might leak in heavy rain

Other Consideration

These were some of the best camping tents with AC ports available. If you are still unsure about which one you should get, don’t worry as we are going to enlist some of the essential features that you need to consider before buying a tent with an AC port.

Weather and Water-resistance

If you want to install an AC in your tent, having just a port is not enough. You should get the one that is resistant to heat loss as well.

If you have an AC inside your tent, and the tent is not resistant to changing weather you will not be able to maintain the temperature inside your tent.

Furthermore, water resistance is also one of the most crucial features. Water leakage inside the tent can lead to damaging the port and other things present inside the tent.

Dividers between rooms

Room dividers are also very important if your tent is very big.

Some tent comes with tent dividers that separate the rooms and provide you a personal space with privacy.

You can also divide the living area from the sleeping area by just using the dividers and set up the AC in whichever place you think there is a need.

Capacity of tent

The capacity of the tent depends entirely on your choice.

If you are going with your entire family or a group of friends you should go to a camp that has greater capacity.

If you a going alone or with a couple of people you should choose the comparatively smaller one. It will be more efficient as it will be easier for you to manage the temperature of your tent.

Ease of setup

Camping tents that come with air conditioner ports are generally very big and it can be a hard task to set them up.

So before buying check if the tent is not too tough to set up as some of them might require a lot of time to set up.

Some of them might also require you to have a partner to set them up. Having a tent that is easy to set up can help you decrease your effort and save time.

Cover for the AC port

Another important thing that you need to consider is the AC port cover. You might think that this small thing is not that important but is very crucial.

An AC port cover will protect your AC port from the effects of weather such as rust and damage.

If it has a cover you don’t have to worry about the port even in rain or snow. This small feature makes it much more durable.

Tent Design

As you know that camping tents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, choose the one that is designed in such a way that it is ideal for having an AC unit in it.

It should not have a Velcro seal as it does not seal the gap and as a result, hot air enters the tent.

It should have specific designs that completely cover the AC port outside and should use high denier fabric so you can easily maintain the temperature inside the tent.

Pro tips to keep your tent cool and insulated:

Ac Tent

Here are some brief pro tips for you, that will help you gain maximum benefit of the AC unit in your tent:

  • Prefer the ripstop material for the fabric of the tent.
  • Set up the tent in a corner if you can.
  • Pitch your tent keeping in view the side where you want the window AC to go.
  • Make sure the window AC does not blow towards your face, this will make the AC very inefficient.
  • Make sure to carefully sleeve the tent fabric and glue it around the AC port.
  • Use a reflective sunshade outside your tent to prevent it from getting hot in the daytime.
  • After setting up the tent, look for leaks and seal if you see any.

Psst! If you want to know more about how to keep your tent insulated and make it more comfortable read our article on “How to insulate a tent".


Will An Air Conditioner Rip The Tent?

An air conditioner won’t rip your tent if is made from high denier ripstop material. This entirely depends on the quality of the fabric that is used in your tent. If it is good quality, it won’t get ripped or damaged at all.

Will Rain Get In Through A Tent’s AC Port?

Most tents with AC ports come with a flap that covers and seal the AC port completely so no water can get in through the AC port of the tent. Others have a cover that angles water downwards and prevents it from getting in.

Do You Need A Tent With An AC Port?

If you want to install an AC unit inside your tent you will surely need a tent that comes with an AC port. This will help you easily set up the AC unit inside the tent and keep you cool even when the weather inside the tent is very harsh.

How Do You Insulate an Air Conditioner Tent?

To perfectly insulate your tent, you should choose a tent that is made from high-quality fabric. Make sure that there is no leakage in your tent so it is perfectly insulated. For further tips and guidance see How to insulate tent for summer & winter

How To Install The Air Conditioning Unit On Your Tent?

The task of setting up an AC unit in your tent gets way easier if your tent already comes with an AC port. Place the AC unit inside the tent and link it to the outside using a cable through the AC port. Also, make sure to drain the reservoir of the AC unit.


This was all about the best camping tents with AC units.

We hope that we have resolved all your queries related to the camping tent with an AC port and you can now choose the best tent and easily install an AC unit in your tent.

So get yourself a camping tent with an AC port and don’t let the heat waves get in your way of enjoying nature and having an awesome hiking experience.

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